[0e d&d] stealing from Dungeon World

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sooo this may be a question with an obvious answer...
but would there be any reason NOT to use DW's principles, moves, threats, etc., when running an 0e/1e OSR adventure?


  • Well, they're different games, so it's going to be a different experience. No reason not to do it if it improves the experience for you.
  • Whenever I play Dungeon World I'm tempted to use some edition's (or every edition's) equipment and treasure and magic item tables. It definitely seems like there's productive in-betweenish design space to me. To the extent that at one point I've more or less made functional DW versions of the 2nd Ed treasure table, which is the best I think for just having a ton of strange and evocative magical finds.
  • @Eero: I have gotten really comfortable with having those things as a source of structure to my prep for my AW game. I'm not quite so interested in DW at the moment that I would want to just run that instead; in fact, I think I'll keep PC moves completely off the table and let 0e decide what new powers the players get as they go.

    @Ryan: random tables really do it for me, I admit. Heck, random magic item tables are an awesome source of Lonely Fun in their own right! :)
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