[Fastaval 2012] Registration is now open

Ladies and gentlemen, registration for Fastaval 2012 is now officially open - sign up runs until March 16. Fastaval 2012 is April 4 - 8 in Hobro, Denmark.

I find the selection of games very good this year which makes it difficult to decide which ones to sign up for. Per Fischer's Crossroads (inspired by Sorcerer) and Asbjørn Olsen's Cracked (do I sense Bliss Stage here?) triggers my story game nerve, but I am also tempted to sign up for the classic intrigue scenario The Executioners and Alex Uth's Denmark noir crime drama Tracked.

Finally, don't forget the Indie Block Sunday afternoon where Eppy will run Swords without Masters.

Browse the complete program.

(and yes - this year Fastaval is fully in English (or at least Danglish) - you can sign up in English - and a lot of games will run with English groups).

Which games are you exited about?


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    In addition to those, I'm excited about playing Tiny Liverpool by Mikkel Bækgaard, a story about two from a small industrial town in Denmark and how life dashes their dreams. Two pairs of players play the brothers as young men, two as old. And The Day the Door Opens, a dark humor comedy set in a British crime thriller. Eppy & I will also be GMing Evan Torner's Metropolis , which lets the players act out the story of the Fritz Lang film. My favorite part about this game is playing the city--when players are not a character in particular scene they get to enact the elements of the city itself, which reflect and heighten what is happening in the story. It's a beautiful evocation of the way the image carries emotion and meaning inGerman expressionism in films.

    Can't wait!
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