Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack at Dreamation!

Dreamation! Hooray!

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack

I'm running two slots of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack over the next couple of days and might wind up running some more off the schedule, in addition to Human Contact.

But it just occurred to me — probably much too late — that if you want to bring a company of mobile frames to face down my company of United Mars Foreign Legionnaires, my Ijad forward scouts, or my Free Colonist spontaneous, leaderless uprising, this is your chance!

I'll be sending the game up to Kickstarter on March 5th, which means that I don't have time to put together the amazing prizes that Conpulsion has, which is really too bad.

If you need inspiration for robots to build, check out the consistently stunning Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Flickr group! There's some genuinely incredible stuff in there.


  • Very neat!
  • In the past, I've posted LDraw models of various robots, for further inspiration.
  • Hey, Lester, you're not anywhere near Dreamation, are you?

  • Which slots are you running MF0?
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    Posted By: Joshua A.C. NewmanHey, Lester, you're not anywhere near Dreamation, are you?
    I used to live pretty close to Dreamation. I now live further away, but within a couple hour's drive.

    Alas, I'm going to be in Las Vegas while Dreamation is going on, so it is sort of moot.
  • Joshua,

    Is there any way I could get LDraw models of your mecha?
    After playing MF0 I can't wait to dive in my old lego bin and build.

    I'm looking forward to MF0's release. Guess I have a week to start organizing my Legos.
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    Well, the ST-07s (the ones at the head of the thread) are still in development, but will be available when they're all set up. Right now you can get the fuchikoma ("Ijad scouts") and the AiN-11 ("Free Colonials") over at DivNull.

    But I challenge you to build Mendez's army!

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