Cleric & Paladin: really, what's the diff?



  • The religious thieves are just everyday parish priests, yeah? Indulgences are an epic grift.

    But less whimsically, it might be that organizations of ideological power don't generally employ the kinds of thieves that pick pockets and open doors. If there is property that they want they have ideological power on which to lean.

    So to conceptualize one you might inherently need to conceptualize a surpessed faith, rather than a Catholicism-in-the-Middle-Ages analogue. Maybe this guy breaks in to baptize babies under the cover of night in the name of the Lord.
  • Posted By: Hans c-oPosted By: McdaldnoPosted By: Vernon RMy personal take is keep it simple. Three classes Fighter - Magicuser - Thief. A cleric is a magicuser with healing spells and a connection to a diety, a Paladin is a fighter with a connection to a diety. Maybe you get some benefits from your connection to the diety but you will also have restrictions.
    So we've got a Fighter with a deity connection.
    We've got a Magic User with a deity connection.

    Clearly, the game needs a Thief with a deity connection. Is there one? What would such a character look like?
    (A spy from heaven? A holy assassin? A principled thief?)

    Has anyone played Assassin's Creed? Is it like that guy?

    4e's Avenger is implicitly based on that dude -- a fast-moving, unarmored quickster with a bigass sword, jumping and leaping and parkouring all over.
  • I like "Relic Hunter" for Divine Theif type. Rescuing Holy Relics from dungeons and the treasure-rooms of the unworthy.
  • Ok, I cannot keep it in any longer..

    Thieves + divine = pope ninjas!

    Someone has to do the dirty jobs
  • Posted By: James_NostackThe Cleric shows up in OD&D supposedly because in early battles with theChainmailwar-game, a vampire named Sir Fang was accumulating an unstoppable undead army. So somebody whipped up the Cleric as a way to neutralize large amounts of undead.
    Off topic, but I believe that making elves immune to the paralyzing touch of ghouls was another measure against this undead army.
  • In my experience for how they have come across in play:
    • Clerics are the bastions of faith and outreach. People flock to them for aid and compassion because they are well versed in all the intricate aspects of their faith often bending the rules to connect with society.
    • Paladins are the tragic wrathful ignorance of the faith. They have been honed not to find ways to reach out to society but to find reasons to condemn it. They ultimately are stronger in their faith and conviction than clerics and in response are hated and feared.
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