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  • Its easy to get lost in all the narrative style mechanics. But don't be afraid to have things actually happen in the narrative like "I get away" and "I grab the hostage!" :)
  • Hi all,

    Last night we were creating the characters for our upcoming MHR campaing and got stuck trying to figure out the best way to represent a character under the rules.

    In our game's continuity, the island of Manhattan was destroyed in a cataclysmic event, killing all of its 4 million inhabitants. The collective psychic energy of all those deaths created a being called Manhattan, the "spirit of the people". One of his powers is the capability to recall any information from the people inside him which, in game terms, means that he has Master level at all Specialties. If it was just that, it would be easy. But there's a twist: Manhattan doesn't have full control of the people inside him and consequently, the source of the information he recalls. For example:If he wants to answer a question of Physics, there's a small possibility of recalling that information not from an expert, but from the misconceptions of a layman.

    Our problem is how to represent this mechanically. We have discussed and came to 2 ideas: (1) Tie the use of his Specialties to a Distinction ("Who's in Control?"), which in those cases would be used as a disadvantage (d4). (2) A special rule (like The Sentry has, in the OM) where, in every use of a Specialty, he would roll the appropriate dice and a d4. In both cases, our rationale is that adding a d4 to the roll, it will act as the "randomizing" effect allowing the Watcher to add complications.

    What do you think? How would you handle this? Are we overcomplicating?
  • I think the Distinction idea is the best way to handle it, yeah.
  • I like the distinction idea.

    Sentry also has:
    Limit: Growing Dread. Count 1s and 2s on dice as opportunities when using a Power of a Million Exploding Suns power.
    You could create a Limit where:

    "When using a Specialty in your dice pool, count any rolled 1s and 2s as opportunities."

    The Watcher can then roleplay those Opportunities as misinformation.
  • FYI, MWP now has forums. That's a great place to toss questions like this into the madcap mix of Marvel-philes and see what sticks. You'll need to register, but it's no different from any other forum in that regard.
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    @Jason - I thought so too. The player suggested the other one.

    @John - The Limit is a great idea. I might be using it.

    @Cam - I'm there!

    Thanks for the feedback, guys.
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