[dungeon world] making use of light sources

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so luke made a good defense of the use of light sources, encumbrance, movement speed, etc. in D&D in this thread.

and then this occurred to me:

sooo the Load concept in DW covers encumbrance already, but what about light sources?

so. all light source items could have a Brightness stat.

candles get bright+0
torches get bright+1
lamps get bright+2

when you dilly dally while the flame burns down, roll +bright for your current light source.
on a 10+, you've got time to ... burn.
on a 7-9, you're running low. your lamp or whatever takes -1 to Brightness ongoing until you refill the oil cartridge or whatever.
on a miss, the flame gutters and is gonna go out. you have enough time for 1 or 2 quick actions before the light goes out altogether.

thoughts? :)


  • I think that's a really good move for a specific adventure where light is what you want the adventure to be about and you don't have a magic user (one were you've stat'd out some Grue) but probably not for the general game - don't want to introduce too many book keeping variables.
  • I think that's great Zac.

    If you aren't worried about how much time is left before lights go dark, or who's going to hold the lantern while the battle is happening, and what happens to the poor guy who winds up in the dark when the lantern bearer moves...then you ain't dungeon crawling...you're just a dungeon crawling poser.
  • @Marshall: I definitely agree that this should be optional. If it just isn't a detail that a group finds interesting (plenty of DMs conveniently forget about the effects of darkness, ime), then skip it, no question.
    Of course, it depends on whether your light source remains an important part of the fiction. In a recent Labyrinth Lord sesh I ran, the players attacked some ghouls with torches (by using one as a club, and tying another to the end of a rope), and they had to hunt around in the dark for a Shadow-creature, and while we didn't keep track of the time elapsed, the presence and importance of light sources was definitely a factor.
  • Isn't it better just to add a move for the MC?

    - "a resource (torches, food, wound dressings, water) is running low."
  • Simon, there is a GM move for that: "Use up their resources." (I even double checked I didn't accidentally edit it out, like I do.)

    Of course that doesn't preclude a PC move. I could write for a long time on when to have a PC move, why etc., but when you get right down to it the PC moves actually reflect the GM moves in a lot of ways. It can be useful to have overlap.

    Zac, I love that as a custom move for some types of dungeon. Can I quote it in the "making your own moves" chapter? Credited to you of course (real name or screen name, however you wish).
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