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I'm hoping to run a first game of Technoir with some friends. Has anyone some advice for the following rule and situation.
On reading the rule making adjectives sticky or locked by spending a push dice.
Lets say you have rolled successfully but have no push die.
Your narrative is to shoot your opponent, you rolled successfully. You can apply a fleeting adjective bleeding or flesh wound, but cannot be made more severe because of your lack of push die.
My question is, could this be classed as a bad vector? and given a more severe adjective.
Actually that sounds about right but would like some confirmation.


  • N.B. I'm very new to Technoir myself, as I just started running it with some friends of mine.

    It seems that both "bleeding" and "flesh wound" would actually be sticky adjectives. They're not the type of thing to just go away at the end of a scene; you have to work to recover from those with a Treat roll. You might want to consider applying "grazed" to reflect the shock of almost being hit, or "pinned down" if the target is now under suppressing fire. My understanding is that, without push dice, you can't make the narrative move to say "I shoot him, so he's bleeding" in the first place, just like you're not allowed killing an antagonist in one shot. Invalid vectors and all that.

    So if your players don't have any push dice, make sure they realize that before they state what they're trying to do. That being said, also do your best to make sure they have push dice. You're supposed to be handing them back to the players as quickly as possible, by inflicting sticky and locked adjectives on them.
  • Thanks for reply very helpful, I see where I was going wrong with the rules. Its just a bit weird not being able to make it a serious sticky or locked situation unless you have push die.
    I will make this clear to the players.
    I think the whole push economy part of the game might be the hardest to get our heads around?
  • My understanding is that Push dice are narrative currency. They're not about restricting what your character can or can't do at any point, they're about guiding the narrative in a certain fashion. So, not having push dice doesn't mean your character is temporarily incompetent, it just means that the story wouldn't go in his favour at the moment.
  • Back again,

    The game I was planning is on tonight, Dam I'm looking forward to this new feel adjective thing giving bad dice, especially in social situations.
    The thought of not having to roll dice but to respect the adjectives sounds really cool.
    I can see characters struggling to get away from lurch who wont stop talking at the bar or the con-man with a jacket full of watches.

    I was wondering if anyone has examples of this Adjective build up and recovery in action? in social situations. It might help to spark my imagination.
    Cheers Paul
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