Anyone used the DTRPG POD service?

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I've been doing some print-on-demand pricing for an upcoming project, and I checked out the POD service now offered through OneBookshelf (Drive Thru RPG), which wasn't around the last time I needed to print a book. Turns out their prices for full-color printing blow Lulu and CreateSpace out of the water. But it's new, and I don't know whether to trust it, in terms of quality and service and whatnot. Has anyone used it? They seem to do their printing through that Lightning-something-or-other company, and I don't know anything about them either.


  • I believe that's who Vx uses, if I am not mistaken. Or maybe it was Ron Edwards...? Anyway, ask anyone who has a copy of BARBAREN. I'm reasonably sure that's where they would have gotten it.
  • I ordered a shedload of White Wolf stuff there. It's definitely comparable to similarly sized-and-priced materials I've gotten through more conventional channels. Not perfect, but sturdy enough and usuable enough.

    If you're considering it, why not order something and see for yourself?
  • I'm selling Other Worlds through Drive Thru's POD service and I've been happy with the results. The books look nice, customer service has been good, and like you say the pricing is very reasonable. I'd recommend it.
  • I have ordered many Pendragon books. They use Lightning Source as their manufacturer (who have been around for a long time in the POD world). The quality is good for POD.
  • Greg Gillespie had some problems, but it's partly because he's in Canada.
  • It does take a while for proofs to come through, yes. This was a particular problem with Other Worlds because I had to go through the process three times before I got something I was happy with. The first time was a layout problem on our end, but the second time was a misprint on their end that looked like a layout problem on our end. Which was confusing, until we figured it out. But the third proof - and all subsequent copies - have been fine.
  • Posted By: sovietlike you say the pricing is very reasonable
    More than reasonable. I ran the same specs through the calculations at Lulu, CreateSpace, and DTRPG. Cost per book was ~$23, ~$11, and ~$7, respectively. That's huge.

    Guess I'ma have to try ordering something comparable to what I'm planning on and see how it comes out. I'm looking to have some very excellent art in this book, and I want it to look as good as it should.
  • Posted By: Marshall BurnsMore than reasonable. I ran the same specs through the calculations at Lulu, CreateSpace, and DTRPG. Cost per book was ~$23, ~$11, and ~$7, respectively. That's huge.
    Wow! Lulu totally put me off on POD, but at one third the price, DTRPG is going to get me looking a lot closer.
  • Lightning Source has the cheapest prices I've seen for POD.

    In the past, I've been really pleased ordering short print runs from 360Digital. So, if you're looking to print 50-100 books and take orders directly, they're an excellent choice.
  • TAZ, I should note that those prices were for full-color. The prices for B&W interior are more competitive.

    Yeah, that's my plan. I'll have to look up 360Digital tomorrow, thanks!
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