[The Sword of Deathsword] a module or something

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- Emperor Deathsword VIII, eighteenth emperor of Imperia, rules with an iron fist and a sword of death.
- the Legend Engine provides power to Imperia, but has potential to be the greatest weapon ever and is like draining the world's energy or something.
- the nobles are corrupt and stupid while the working classes are like hungry and repressed and shit.
- there's some dudes who ride on dragons.
- Freedom Rebellion Army is all rebelliony.
- ninjas.

- returning from a camping trip with your childhood friend, Friendo, you find that your beloved peasant village has been burned to the ground.
- only person alive is your father who despite being like mortally wounded manages to talk for a really long time:
There's so much I haven't told you blahblahblah not really your father scroooollll seek your destiny yaddayadda sword yadda fate of the world zzzzzzzz--! money buried in the back yard blahblah (dies)
- some of the scary-looking dudes who killed everyone haven't left yet! They attack!


Will you be implicated in an ancient prophecy? Will you obtain magic powers somehow? Will a minor villain secretly fall in love with you? Will Friendo die to save your life? Will you figure out how to get the sky pirate to join your party? Can you defeat the optional side boss? Will the cutscenes be skippable? Can you defeat Emperor Deathsword's true form?


  • (I've had this swimming around in my head for a while now. Originally I was gonna Lady Blackbird it, but I decided it was beautiful as-is.)
  • Hmm...Anima Prime, I think. or maybe Retro Phaze? I dunno, I haven't played either. In any case, I love this. very fourth-wall-breaking. kind of like The Bard's Tale (the PS2 game).
  • Shit. dude. Wushu. Or hack The Princes' Kingdom. Let's!
  • I don't know what any of those are except Wushu, I dunno!
    And Bard's Tale was awesome.

    - dragon-riding dude
    - shape-shifty beast-dude
    - ninja girl who joins your party for no apparent reason but later leaves without giving back the equipment you gave her
    - old wizard dude who hasn't left his tower in like a hundred years 'cause I dunno his feet stink and he's embarassed or something
    - lieutenant of the Freedom Rebellion Army who is bitter and acts like a dick because you get all the attention from the leader of the rebellion
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    This rather sounds like The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, the RPG... Or a setup for a game of Dragon World.
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    -there's this huge guy in black armour with a demonic-looking helmet who is super evil and the big bad boss until you kill him and there's a bigger badder boss wizard
    -is there an axe made of gold? I don't know.
    -the symbol of the bad guys is snakes
    -during your travels you acquire an annoying comic relief sidekick of diminutive stature
    -someone is a cat person
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    Yes! All true!

    - the sword of Deathsword has a bigger sword inside of it

    - will you lead the rebellion after the death of their leader?
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    CRAP, MAN! Marshall. Let's play a game of Dragon World with this. Like tonight. Maybe? Gregor and Peter, you guys too.
  • Would if I could! But internets on my phone, so no G+hangout, and no landline so no Skype neither.
  • LAAAAAAAAME. Next week?
  • Sadly, I can't imagine anything happening in the intervening week to change my situation. Maybe if

    - some people on a certain forum bought more of my games

    ...then I could afford internet :)
  • Sucktastic. Alright, well then start us up a thread on Snail's Pace or summat.
  • What's that? How's it work?

    (Why do you have to have a landline for Skype, anyway? THAT'S what's lame.)
  • You...don't? I use it over wireless all the time...

    It's just a forum. snailspace.forgreatjustice.net
  • The landline requirement for Skype went away? I mean, I haven't looked at it in like 2 years, but no shit?
  • -Unassuming man sitting in the corner of a bar informs you of an optional side quest to locate the impressively fantastic, but ultimately unnecessary armor item
    -Can you convince the stubbornly isolationist, but resourcefully powerful and reluctant kingdom to join your fight once problems begin amassing within their borders?
  • Either way, I use it on wireless internet. At a hotel. Currently.
  • This sounds like a chat game. Maybe look here for inspiration? I want to play.
  • Waitaminute...Donjon?
  • Donjon might could work, haven't messed with it in ages. Bet I could come up with some interesting houserules for this.
  • Posted By: Marshall BurnsSadly, I can't imagine anything happening in the intervening week to change my situation. Maybe if

    -some peopleon acertain forumboughtmore of my games

    ...then I could afford internet :)
    There. I totally just bought The Rustbelt.
  • Hahaha, awesome! I wasn't trying to guilt anyone, honest!
  • S'okay. I wanted to learn about Psyche anyway.
    Plus now that's another game on the table we could play...REVERSE GUILT'D! :P
  • There should definitely be a set of four of five things that have been lost and scattered that you have to put together to make one very badass thing.
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