Making Stuff for [Pocket Danger Patrol]!!

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I'm all full of the excitement for John Harper's new in-testing Pocket Danger Patrol. I've already made four reskins for it, and am starting work on a few other reskins and a full-on hack for it, too! (because, yes, I am nuts)

So, I figure since John's games are always so wonderfully hackable, maybe start a thread just for Danger Patrol hacks, reskins, remixes, and resources!

To start off, I've made two d66 charts for weird inventions and an expanded Threat-o-Matic. Included in the PDF are the half-sheet versions, as well as the combined letter-sized version, oriented to print double-sided with the Pocket Danger Patrol rules! Just print, cut, and the players get their section of the rules and a handy-dandy weird device list, while the GM gets everything else and a big 'ol list of strange and sinister threats!


I'll be revamping my reskins to also include d66 charts, so they'll get posted maybe next week.

If anyone has trouble with the link, let me know. At some point I need to upload my newest files to my MediaFire account (which is unaccessible currently from my work computer...curses), since I'm not too happy with how Google Docs handles files.


  • Awesome!!

    (you added the PC Styles to the strength/weakness list... VERY cool.)
  • I am agog. Can't wait to see the reskins.
  • Mike, you are a true Hackmaster. :)
  • Anything that enables me to come up with a Fungoid Monstrosity or an Unstable Paradox at the drop of a hat is aces in my book. Bravo, Mike!
  • Thanks, everybody. I'll endeavor to make the other stuff I'll post as cool/useful. And I encourage other people to post their stuff here as well. I'm hoping for one long thread of Danger Patrol goodness (and that way John will have more stuff to dig through when he works on the next iteration of the game) :)

    Posted By: John Harperyou added the PC Styles to the strength/weakness list... VERY cool.
    It was initially a place-holder while I was making up the lists...and then it seemed to click. Lots of the pulp sci-fi have things that are specifically strong/weak against certain effects and biologies, and the idea seems to work particularly well with most of the Styles. Intrepid and Two-Fisted? Well, I'm sure there'll be some interesting explanation for how something could be strong/weak against those.
    "The creature cannot stand the look of a muscle-bound hero, and is momentarily stunned!"
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