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I've been thinking all day about bringing special abilities back into the highly streamlined Danger Patrol Pocket, but since I played it as "Dungeon Patrol" in Eberron's setting, I used different skills, matching Powerful, Deft, Mental or Magical with Battle, Stealth, Influence, or Exploit...

Here are my initial thoughts:

Class abilities:
Fighter - Weapon and Armor Proficiency - +1 hit when using Weapon d8, -1 danger when using Armor d8
Rogue - Swashbuckling - If you fail to take out a threat, you can split the resultant bonus dice between two threats, instead of only placing them on one.
Ranger - Favored Enemy - Once per scene, you can choose one enemy threat and give it a weakness to Deft Battle moves.
Cleric - Divine Protection/Healing - Once per scene you can choose to either remove all of a character's current threat dice or remove a complication from the scene without taking an action.
Mage - Practiced Spell - Spend a Mage Spell d8 after your roll to give +1 hit to the roll.
Paladin - Smite - Ignore a threat's strength when using your Holy Weapon d8.
Druid - Shape Shift - Once per scene, swap the rating of one of your Styles with the rating of one of your Moves.

Racial abilities:
Elf - Enchanted Skills - Choose one of your Elf d8s. That d8 is now a d10 (rolls of 3 or less with it do not generate danger results).
Dwarf - Stout and Gruff - When you take threat dice (d4s) from danger results, one of the dice is a d6 instead.
Human - Adaptable - You have one additional bonus d8 (total 3) for your Human bonus dice.
Gnome - Illusions - When using Influence moves, you can choose before the roll to inflict +1 hit by taking +1 threat dice after the roll.
Dragonborn - Dragon's Breath - Once per scene, re-roll any Powerful Battle danger dice after your roll. The second roll counts.
Changeling - New Faces - When attempting Deft or Mental Influence moves, choose before you roll: do +1 hit or -1 danger.
Warforged - Metal Man - If you would be taken out, you can spend a any of your bonus die to reduce the danger by 1.

I have no idea about their balance, but these seem suitably "low-impact" while still providing a character with two unique abilities that no one else has. I would love feedback, but I mainly just wanted to put it out there for anyone else looking for ideas.


  • Berserker - Battlefrenzy - When you fly into a frenzied rage in combat, get two extra danger dice that don't cap against your normal limit of five. All of your allies get one extra danger die that doesn't count against their normal limit, representing, well, the frenzied berserker on their side.

    Although, I'll be honest, I think you get enough differentiation from a ranger with "Hunter's Instincts 1d8" and "Polyphemus, my one-eyed wolf friend 1d8", and a wizard with "Flame Spiral! -1d8" and "Eylor's Gaze! - 1d8". But to be fair I haven't actually played pocket edition yet, just crushed heavily from afar, and it's possible once the elegant simplicity wears off the cold hard fruit of exception-based design will once again begin to tempt me.
  • There is a degree of differentiation between characters with the bonus d8s the players get to assign, but even one "exception to the rules" power that a player can grab onto, that no one else has, could make a difference in feel.

    I really like that Berserker ability. MORE DANGER!
  • Most of these seem pretty good without having to rebalance things much, in the range of an extra bonus die per scene.

    Fighter, Cleric, and Changeling all seem out of line with the others. Fighter more than doubles Weapon bonus dice, which you're likely to be able to use multiple times per scene. Cleric is either ~-3 danger (removing threat dice) or +3 hits (removing a Complication.) And Changeling is like a super-sized extra Deft dice, about on par with most of the other once per scene abilities.

    Fighter - You can choose to reduce your Hits by one to reduce your Danger rolled by one.
    Cleric - You can give up a Prayer Bonus die to remove two threat dice from an ally, or one threat die from a complication.
    Changeling - When rolling any bonus die, your Style dice count as any Style of your choice.
  • Really, those are the abilities I thought were most likely to be a bit much. Thanks for the revisions!
  • A few more ideas:
    Artificer - Improvised Device/Potion - Any time you make a move against a complication, roll an extra bonus d8.
    Warlord - Leadership - When you lend a bonus d8 to another player for a roll, reduce the danger results of that roll by 1.
    Monk - Momentum - When you take out a threat, gain a bonus d8 to your next move.
    Assassin - Kill Shot - When you spend an Assassin d8 on a Battle move, add your Stealth dice as well.
    Thief - Robbery - When you use a Stealth move, recharge one of your bonus d8s.

    Kalashtar - Psychic Power - Against any creature with a Mental weakness, roll an additional bonus d8.
    Tiefling - Demonic Heritage - Either of your Tiefling d8s can be boosted to a bonus d10 (3- results do not generate danger) if you also choose to roll an additional threat d4 with it.
    Deva - Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes - When you spend a Deva d8 on a Mental move, add your Magical dice as well.

    Any additional comments or feedback would be appreciated.
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