[Dungeon World] Sanglorian's Stuff: 14 pages of content (CC BY)

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I wanted to celebrate the launch of Dungeon World under the Creative Commons Attribution licence by updating stuff I've written for DW for Beta 2.2 and releasing it under the same licence.

None of this content is new, but I suspect you haven't seen most of it because it appeared only on the Grand OGL Wiki (the exception being the Gunslinger, which appeared only on Story Games).

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them but I can't promise that I'll be updating this file very often.

New moves for the Cleric, Fighter, Paladin and Thief.
Three new mini-classes: the Noble, Oathkeeper and Factotum.
Two new regular classes: the Anchorite and the Gunslinger.
Guns, a religion and two monsters.

Sanglorian's Stuff (150kB PDF)
The source files (50kB ODT)


  • Chris! This is fantastic, and just the kind of customization we hope people will pick up and run with as we release the game "for reals".
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