Pretty sweet little Lady Blackbird game going on MythWeavers

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If anyone is interested in reading along, we got a Lady Blackbird play by post going on here. It's kind of like an ongoing Actual Play Vignette. I figured someone might be interested in seeing how someone else's group interprets the characters, the story, and the setting.


  • *waits for a link*
  • Maybe this is it?
  • wait, that appears to have been the announcement.

    Is this is the forum?
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    Ohhh yeah yeah yeah. That would help huh. You got it right. You sleuth, you. Wow I was more tired and buzzing off that giant margarita than I realized. Hah!

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    Lady Blackbird seems to be really well-suited for Play-by-post. An earlier myth-weavers game is reported on here

    Yes, it was mine. :)
  • (Since we're sharing)

    I agree Lady B works well in PBF. Here is the Lady Blackbird game I ran (TO COMPLETION) on Snail's Pace.
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