[OTE] Now Under OGL

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Atlas Games has released the system for Over the Edge for use with the OGL. Details can be found here.


  • OtE was my go to system for quick entry games. The simple character generation mechanism, which includes story elements, is a great way of getting player buy-in without any kind of complication. I used it for running Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest and many others.
  • I'm quite hyped, its got a nice mix of the narrative elements (whcih so obviously went onto form HQ) and a decent amount of crunch. I've always admired OtE rules design, but never got to run it back in the day because I felt the setting would have been too much for my players at the time.

    One quick question for those who've run the game. How easy is it to bolt on rules for vehicle chases and fights?
  • That's a very good question. I don't remember ever doing that.
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    I used OtE to run pulp and CoC* games for my regular group and Star Wars and Usagi Yojimbo games for my daughters. Special vehicles were bought as character Traits. A 3d vehicle would have one 3d Trait of its own. A 4d vehicle would get a 4d Trait and 3d Trait. Vehicles could get an extra 3d Trait if they took a Flaw.

    As far as chases and dogfights, I always used the gestalt method of OtE resolution - roll once to determine the outcome, then prompt the players to fill in the details. Nowadays I might adapt the Savage World Deluxe chase rules.

    *Used Sanity rules straight from CoC - had characters roll for Power and calculated Sanity from there.
  • Hmmm. It's a weird mix of PtA/Risus-y traits and crunchy combat. Might be able to find something to do with it.
  • Posted By: John Powell*Used Sanity rules straight from CoC - had characters roll for Power and calculated Sanity from there.
    I had them roll 2d20+50 SAN.
  • I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to graft the vehicle rules from Mini Six onto OtE/WaRP.

  • What I dug most about OtE is the "Signs" for each trait. It's a very simple, one might even suggest obvious, idea, but works so well in providing colorful character descriptions.
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