Vagrant Workshop picks up Itra's City and Valley of Eternity

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German publisher Vagrant Workshop (Vampire City, Barbaren!, Equinox) has picked up the licenses for two indie games from Norway and Finland; Itra's City and Valley of Eternity. The official press release.

Valley of Eternity is a game about everyday, outcast (penguin) heroes. Juhana Pettersson is the author.

Itra's City (which I've co-authored) is a surreal game set in a 1920ish quasi-European city. It utilizes cards (the fate cards presented in Nørwegian Style and Matthijs Holter's resolution cards (yes, but... no, and... etc) and emphasizes improvisation. Check out this page for reviews and trailer. It's meant for release in English this year, German next year.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, and will try to get some review copies flowing when the game is out later this year. :)


  • Cool!

    Will the English and German editions of Itras By use Thore Hansens lovely art?
  • Posted By: DeBracyWill the English and German editions ofItras Byuse Thore Hansens lovely art?
    Definitely! And 7 new images produced especially for the English edition.

    Here's a gallery of Thores art for Itra's City, for those interested.
  • Looks really weird in a good way!

    Cant wait to hear more about it :-)
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    Posted By: Paul88Cant wait to hear more about it :-)
    These reviews are a good place to start: The Book of Worlds, Wilper's Blog.

    Depending on which languages you read, there are more reviews here, in English, Norwegian and Danish. (7 very positive and one extremely negative. Can't please them all. ;)
  • I always loved those cards in Norwegian Style (flipping through it now!) so I'm pretty excited to see this happen:)
  • Posted By: Caesar_XI always loved those cards inNorwegian Style(flipping through it now!) so I'm pretty excited to see this happen:)
    Glad to hear it! ^^

    For those interested, the resolution & chance cards can also be found on the Nørwegian Style website.
  • Wadahey!!!

    This is a major fricking event in Norwegian roleplaying!
  • Check out the lovely PDF preview here.
  • I am just too excited about this!!!
  • I tried to go to rpg.drivethrustuff to buy it, but it just tells me it is not available. Does anyone know if it will be later?
  • Strange - I was able to order & pay?
  • I don't get anything from either the direct link on the vagrantworkshop site, or from a search in drivethrustuff. Maybe it's because I'm in the UK?
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    Huh, I'm in the USA and it was there at 9:00[4 hours ago] when I ordered, but is no longer showing up on RPGNow/drivethrurpg.
    So it doesn't seem to be regional.
    [edit]Going to the item link from my order page also arrives at an "Item not available page.
  • Same thing in France... But I saw the game on DriveThru today ! I should have bought it immediatly...
  • It's back now. I've just bought it :)
  • Thanks for the update, Summerdown. Hope the problem has been solved for anyone with similar issues...
  • It is back for me as well, as well as downloadable from yesterday's order page.
  • I just ordered it, so it seems to be working fine now.
  • From my editor: "Yes, there was a problem with the PDF we posted up (we accidentally picked a file that was password-protected). DTRPG took notice and deactivated the product so we could fix the issue--which is why the product page on DTRPG was gone for a couple of hours. The problem was fixed first thing this morning and everything should work fine now. I have contacted those who bought the PDF already, so they know about the update."
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