The Emperor's New Clothes

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I got the bug for roleplaying on a school adventure trip. The location was on an Island off the coast of Plymouth called Drakes Island. Pic
D&D with its fantastic imagery on the box Box Lid
The books and rules for creating characters and fantastical stories held an aura like a magical tomb.
These books just needed to be read or understood correctly to go adventuring in this promised land.

The reality has been fun, with meeting lots of like minded people but,

One thing that stands out is the need to make these stories more. Instead of stories like The Emperor's New Clothes
We dress up stories around a frame work of rules and sometimes it works!
Some times it doesn't and we see through our invisible worlds into the naked truth.

The dressing up is difficult it doesn't take long before it can feel all made up, and for someone to say so.
Compelling stories off the cuff ? on the wing! need something to make them fly.

If you look at D&D it fly s, but its a predictable flight path.

You have your captain and passengers, why would the passengers want to fly the plane its scary right!

How do you begin to design a game or fictional story game which involves all.

Can it be done? what prevents it, e,g, knowing the plot in advance.


  • I'm not an authority, but I'm pretty sure this had been done, though it depends on what you mean by "story".

    Many games like this feature no specific GM, with all players being equal, though some have a GM, but give the players some GM powers (constantly or occasionally).

    I had an amazing experience with "Remember Tomorrow", by which we produced a very interesting experience of near-future, cyberpunk drama with AIs, replicants, street-gangs and government conspiracies, and it never felt in danger of exposing itself, because, I think, "Remember Tomorrow" is almost all "clothes", all the way to the center.

    (Run-on sentence, for the win!)
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    Hi Lundanto, I will check out Remember Tomorrow sounds interesting "Clothes all the way" :-)

    I'm not an authority, but I'm pretty sure this had been done, though it depends on what you mean by "story"
    I think your right it has been done. This post here has a great link about GM roles also this post I haven't read this one yet Andy about collaborative play.
    These articles make clear a very confusing subject. Which will be very helpful for creating the desired experience.
    But what I mean by story or clothes is the great ideas!
    Oracles I see are one option in the form of cards random lists or like 10-word senario
    Sharing these ideas could spoil the surprise element.
    I'm going to read the article on collaborative play.
    Thanks for your help.
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