Organized Crime Hooks

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So you and the rest of the Riley crime syndicate/family have been toiling away, getting your faces stepped on by the fucking Sullivans every day, just like they always used to do in the fucking Old Country, world without end. The Sullivans were fat, happy and safe because they kept kissing the Italian loafers of the mob that runs the town, whereas you and yours have to scrabble and scrape for every nickel you can get. They rubbed your noses in it for years.

Bad blood erupts through no act of yours: the Sullivans get wiped out and the Italians all kill each other. Suddenly the road forward is free and clear.

What are some of the events/problems/circumstances you face?

Here are some ideas:

* The Sullivans' old drug supplier wants to stay independent and you need a drug supplier.
* The gun runner who supplied everyone got murdered in the war, now nobody has any iron.
* The fucking Vietnamese think this is their chance too.
* A giant wake for the one Sullivan that everyone loved, Dapper Kevin. You have to attend or nobody will respect you.
* How the hell did the Sullivans launder all this money you're getting now?
* "Drugs require a supplier, gambling just requires math and prostitution requires girls, both of which we don't need to smuggle in."
* The feds are sniffing around.
* All the bent cops want their payouts upped since it's you and not their old pals.

Please give more ideas.

(Bonus points if you know the name of the head of the Italians and who killed him. You have to be a real nerd to know this one.)


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    Some personal hooks:

    * It was one thing when you were boffing Willie Two-Times' wife on the side. Now she's a widow and talking about moving in with you.
    * You never could bring yourself to hate your cousin as much as everyone said you should. Now he's dead and everyone's celebrating. You'd rather start a vendetta.
    * A killer the Sullivans hired is still stalking the target: your hot girlfriend/boyfriend.
    * The Sullivans really were right bastards to some of their minions. But how can you take over without being just as bad, or worse?
  • * I'd rather go with Russians than Vietnamese. Sure, the Vietnamese refuse to deal with anyone that isn't from Vietnam or a Tong, but at least they aren't won't yank your testicles off with barbed wire then eat them while you watch just to prove a point.

    * Your old man is too senile to run all this new business, but too lucid for you to just do it behind his back. You can't help feeling he's going to order a hit on you if his nurse is ten minutes late with his meds.

    * The governor/mayor/police commissioner was in the Sullivans' pocket, but because of the war, he's scared of his own shadow. He's willing to do business, but he's so nervous he's a total fucking liability now. To make matters worse, the rumors about how connected he was make it impossible for you to find somebody to run against him.

    * Not only is Willie Two-Times' wife talking about moving in, but your idiot cousin swears he saw her getting into a car with government plates.

    * Your older sister thinks it's time for a woman to run things. Thing is, bitch is smart and ruthless. You wouldn't mind working for her, but saying that out loud might not be healthy. Then again, not saying it out loud could turn a potential boss into an enemy.
  • Who killed all the Sullivans? Whoever did that is clearly the new threat. Also, this violence probably brings some untouchable task force into town, determined to crush the mob, including the upstart Riley clan.
  • * Jimmy Sullivan blackmailed you into working for him, now he's turned State's evidence. He's scheduled to give his deposition on Friday and your secrets will be public record.
  • Bump for great justice. I actually found a ton of stuff in the free game Dog Town, particularly the Pennington sourcebook, including:

    * An old veteran of the streets decides it's time to retire - too much change is too much change. He wants someone to buy him a retirement.
    * Some of the new kids have never heard of the Rileys and don't see why they should care, they're the ones that were looking for the Sullivans to go under, not you bums.
    * There are new sources of grift and robbery that the Sullivans were too stupid/comfortable to spot. Let's do something new!

    And since none of you nerds were nerdy enough to figure it out, the Sullivans live in Gotham City, they were executed by the Holiday killer on Thanksgiving Day, after blowing up Harvey Dent's house on Halloween night and making bail for the bombing in under sixty minutes.

    As I said on twitter, I was thinking, "How about a Black Donnellys game set in Gotham City?" and then God delivered me Bruce Springsteen singing "Peg O My Heart" with the Dropkick Murphys, which basically is a fucking incitement, thanks a lot God.
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