Here's your cover art [#8]

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So here's the cover to your newest game:


What's the title, and what does the back cover blurb say?


  • Raising Damien
    The Anti-Christ was found 4 years ago and placed in a secure facillity to prevent the coming of Judgement Day.

    He is 8 years old.

    You play Damien's guards and tutors, dealing with him, raising him and asking yourself: how right is it to imprison a child for the sake of what he might become?

    What will it take for you to release Damien? Can you be tempted by his pleas and promises? Or will you decide that imprisonment is not enough? Will you spill innocent blood for a cause you believe in?
  • wow. James... that is pretty good. I don't have anything better.
  • Teddy Is Your Friend

    The trial is over and innocence or guilt is no longer in question, but sentencing a child to death is an extremely sensitive matter. Experimental use of "teddycams" to document the child's private moments may hold the key to answering the only remaining question that matters - 'why'.

    You and your peers have a difficult job - sift through the recordings of the child's last 72 hours and, combined with court transcripts and catalogued evidence from the trial, render the hardest decision of your life - do you try and redeem a misunderstood youth, or remove a lethal threat to humanity. 

    That's why you get paid the big bucks, right?
  • I just have a title at this point, Psi*Run JV.
  • [cite]Posted By: Storn[/cite]wow. James... that is pretty good. I don't have anything better.
    Thanks very much :-) I might have to pitch this as a PTA game to my local group.
  • I don't have a title, but I think someone asked "Hey, run me a 'Little Fears' / 'Oz' crossover", and the GM thought he meant 'Oz' the TV series.
  • Assault on Kinder-Kare 13

    After the town's parents have lost their children through the diabolical machinations of the Children's Services Bureau, they must break out their "babies" before the corrupt Juvenile Judge makes them wards of the State.
  • Regression Therapy:
    The newest solution to the rampant crime in our society.
    Using groundbreaking genetic and cognitive theory, teams of specialists are able to transfer offenders to an earlier, more malleable state of being and help them work through the crises that otherwise lead to them becoming criminals.
    Once their personality problems have been worked out in our state-of-the-art, modern residential facilities, these life-lessons matrices can be overlayed on the individual offender and the once-dangerous criminal can be returned to productive society.

    A violent demonstration by Clones Rights groups today caused a breach in Rehabilitation Nursery J, where the minds of the most dangerous criminals of the last century have been reduced to infancy. It is not known at this time how many of the inmates escaped.
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    The Limelight Is Your Dungeon

    As Michael Alig, your life is a flashback to
    magic-potion-fueled random encounters
    with party monsters in a 90's-y, White Wolf-esque
    throbbing, candy-gothic cyber-church of pleasure and sin;
    until you awaken in Rikers.

    (tLiyD uses the Puppetland engine)
  • Monsterkids

    A story game about the messy lives of child monsters (in prision).
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    I got around to trying Raising Damien as a Primetime Adventures pilot episode at the London Indiemeet yesterday; there's a very brief synopsis of the session here.
  • @arpie : I had almost the same idea, but with rejuvenation instead of cloning and Immortalists groups instead of Clones Rights :-D Should we work together to make "Regression Therapy" a real game ?
  • Awesome! This is ideally what I wanted to come out of these threads. Raising Damien sounded really cool. And you two should really make Regression Therapy together!
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