[I Am A Survivor] Norwegian Contest?

Hey SG! I was looking at my blog statistics for referrals to my site and I noticed that quite a few hits were coming from what appears to be a Norwegian forum here. After dropping some stuff into a translator, it would appear they are trying to start up contest to make something similar to IAAS. Can anyone that speaks the language clarify for me? Just curious what people on the other side of the world are saying about it. Thanks in advance! :D


  • I read your game on the net, Zachary, and found it to be very interesting. I like your mix of Lady Blackbird and 3:16. And I really like the fact that you have been so effective in presenting the premise and the rules of the game.

    The read planted a small idea in me; to have a competition in game-design, with the rule that all games must be presented within a single sheet of paper (both sides). So I pointed to your game, as a great example of how this may be done.

    Part of the idea is to get together too, when the games has been made, to play them, discuss them, and vote over which game is best. So the competition will lead up to a gathering of Norwegian game-smiths, where we will sit face to face and talk design and play. I hope that will give a certain extra quality to the competition, for all participants.

    It seems like the mood is all positive for this competition, so I reckon we will organize it this autumn.
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    Oh, awesome Tomas! I'd love to see what you guys can come up with. Can you do me the favor of linking the results when you guys are done? It's interesting that you mentioned 3:16 as I've never played or read the rules for that game. I'll have to find a copy to see what you're referring to. My inspirations were definitely Lady Blackbird, Mouse Guard, and The Dead. Not sure if The Dead is based off of 3:16.
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    Oh, my wrong; meant to say Blackbird and Mouse Guard. Don't know where I got that 3:16 game from ... (must be me thinking it's so excellent every game should be based on it ... or something).

    The competition will most probably be held in Norwegian, but I'm sure we can announce the results here, and say something about how the competition and the gathering went.
  • Hey Tomas! Did your competition ever come to fruition?
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