Wuxia novels in translation

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Do people have good tips on translations into English of the wuxia genre? My Google skills are generally finding fan translations, and I was wondering if people have recommendations on the good ones (for Good = entertaining and/or Good = captures the flavour of the genre well and/or Good = reasonable cultural notes). (This is research for a game I'm working on.)

EDIT: Actually, I'm getting a few hits showing up on Amazon now that I've changed my search terms. But recommendations are still cool!


  • http://wn.com/Li_Jun_Water_Margin_
    Having sneezing attack, so couldn't check too close. Does that help any?
  • Hi Arpie,

    Thanks for the link. I was hoping to get recommendations for some of the novels that the movies and tv and such were based on rather than the movies themselves, if that makes sense? (I had this major groinch moment yesterday of thinking "Hey, movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were based on novels, I'll go look some up!" and realising that there's this enormous genre of Chinese language lit that's both really popular and also has very few 'official' translations into English. But with lots of movies available in subtitles...)

    Water Margin the novel looks pretty interesting, though.

    Take care,

  • Crap. I swear it didn't look like that when I posted it. Blame the sneezing fit.

    Here, just go to the wikipedia entry on The Water Margin:
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