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After many months, I have finished and playtested The Angel. It evolved some over the course of development, and I’m really excited about the form that it has assumed.

You’ll notice that there’s no picture for The Angel yet. That’s because I had a fun idea, one that beats spending more exhausting time perusing stock photography sites: if you’ve got a photo that you think would make an awesome Angel (either of you or of a friend whose permission you’ve obtained), email it to me (at mcdaldno, which is a gmail).

Pictures need to have good contrast, and they can’t clip part of your head off (and ideally they don’t clip your sides off either). I’m going to take the most awesome picture submitted, and that’ll be The Angel’s image (art-ified, of course!).

Enjoy The Angel!


Also - if you didn't know about it already, I released a Monsterhearts thing recently called The Blood of Misty Harbour. It's a rad scenario set that you can purchase.


  • WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!
  • I love that the name list contains a reference to a magic card.
  • Yeah, that's totally asking for an angel named Serra who is totally freaking out because all these nerds keep making angel references about her and HOW DO THEY KNOW?
  • I feel like the final version should contain the name "Akroma," because I want to be the Angel of Wrath. :)
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    The Sex Move plus Trespass/Forgiveness is pure gold. You could totally play Milton's Satan with this.

    (duplicated post)
  • So, exciting truth: The Angel was developed alongside Jackson Tegu's skin, The Unicorn. Both feature a replacement for the Dark stat, though The Unicorn takes it in a different direction than does The Angel.

    You'll see that one amidst a crop of new skins that Jackson's planning to ransom off. He's been working on them for months, in his secret artist lair. Strange crackling noises sound from that dread room on occasion, and a smell of sulfur always seems to permeate the air around him. I'm pretty excited. I've only seen some of his new skins, but to sum it up: do want.
  • Ooooh, the Unicorn, eh? I could see a couple of exciting ways to go with that.

    Of course, the Sasquatch will be hard to beat. I played that sucker at GPNW and let me tell you guys, it is worth any amount of money Jackson Tegu asks for.
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    Double post. :(
  • This is great. I love the Trespass/Forgiveness Mechanic as well. I'm still reading and rereading Monsterhearts; it's so dense with good ideas and awesome conflict.
  • I wish I were playing so much Monsterhearts that I could try this out now.
  • I got to play the Angel at Fabreal and it was just like high school, alternating between submission and rebellion.
  • Did anything come of this, or is the Angel yet without a picture?
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    Good question, TildeSee.

    I held out on releasing a final version for a while, because I was hoping to get some playtesting feedback on it (of which I've to date gotten zero from outside groups). And then I got swamped with school. And then my computer crashed and I lost the inDesign file that I'd designed The Angel in.

    And so I've been dragging my heels on it, because I'm going to have to lay the skin out again from scratch. Your interest, though, has me resolved to do it sooner rather than later - expect a final version posted by the 15th at the very latest.

    The art is ready, btw, based on a photo of Aaron Friesen:
  • Oh hey! Didn't know you wanted feedback. It's FUCKING RAD. My Angel, Alex, made heavy use of Trespass (despite having an average -2 in it), and we decided that when Alex Gazed Into The Abyss, s/he was praying, just like Gazing To Heaven, only s/he was instead praying to FUCKING SATAN. This worked out splendidly, of course.
  • Awesome, Joseph.

    Were there any issues with mechanical balance, clarity, inconsistent wording, etc?
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    Oh. Well there is the small matter that subjugating myself to the will of Satan technically increases my Forgiveness. Also, Gaze Into Heaven is like, top three best Skin moves in the game, easily.
  • What? Can you explain that? Why does praying to Satan increase your Forgiveness? Why is it one of the best moves?
  • *note I haven't played the skin, just read it*
    Because you mark Forgiveness whenever you "subjugate yourself to someone else's will," which would include Satan. It's not actually about forgiveness so muc as obedience to others it seems.

    I'm not sure what makes Gaze Into Heaven so great from a stat standpoint, but it's made of pure brilliance for making games awesome.
  • Ah, I see what you mean! That's an interesting reversal.

  • Oh. Well there is the small matter that subjugating myself to the will of Satan technically increases my Forgiveness.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways, and to doubt it is Trespass!

    (I love Monsterhearts so much)

    (also, the Angel is secretly the Oh My Goddess playbook; she's submissive to everyone, which lets her do mundane things hypercompetently and turn people on with her purity...)
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    Oh. Well there is the small matter that subjugating myself to the will of Satan technically increases my Forgiveness.
    I've only read it too, but going Darkest Self (and carrying out the dark will of a greater power as your own) is also a direct route to Forgiveness. Which might be fictionally rich, confusingly vacillating, or highly frustrating in play.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways, and to doubt it is Trespass!
    It would appear so. Or at least in it for the long game.
  • I think in the end I ruled that Forgiveness is only increased by subjugating yourself to the will of a *higher* power, which Satan wasn't. Just because it broke my brain a little too much to be giving Joseph's character Forgiveness for doing Satan's bidding. But yeah. Great skin! Would run for again, definitely. Also, highlighting Trespass when Joseph wanted to be a kind and humble servant of the lord was the best thing ever. I'm sorry, I really dug the Trespass options for Gaze Into Heaven.

    Also, ZOMG, that picture. +1 favlike.
  • Yeah that picture is dope.
  • Some random thoughts about playing the Angel:

    At least in our game, it's been very difficult for the MC to sink his hooks into my character; he's just not sure what to do with him. This isn't necessarily a flaw in the skin, but it's worth mentioning. It could also be fallout from having a Chosen character in this season, which seems to have pushed everything towards a standard monster hunting type scenario.

    I've noticed that when I get 3 Trespass or Forgiveness I tend to freeze up a bit. I don't want to blow my wad on something dumb, but I also don't want to sit on the sidelines until I find a great miracle to do. I also hesitate on miracles at times because I wonder if I'm crossing a line into a too powerful miracle - I think some more guidelines might be good on this, or perhaps just a way for the MC or other characters to push back if the Angel goes too far.

    I love the mechanics for earning Trespass and Forgiveness. They really drive play and do a good job of showing the dual nature of the skin. Darkest self sounds amazing, but I haven't been there yet. It should be especially interesting given that my character's best friend is an Infernal whom he wants to save from his demon.

    Overall, a really cool skin.
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