[ndpdesign summer sale] IT'S TOO HOT

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I'm selling a bundle of my coolest games. Maybe it'll help you out in this crazy heat. Check out the sale here.


Thanks for your attention!


  • Crazy Heat? You're not in England, are you.
  • Hah! Nope. Just sweating away here in the American midwest.

    Don't worry, the sale applies to those in temperate or chill climes! Cool games are cool worldwide.
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    When it's hot and humid, there's no better way to beat the heat than a visit to the Dance and the Dawn and the Island of Ice within. It's a great getaway (except for being trapped in a fairytale ritual dance party, and the chance of being wedding to a soulless demon).

    Vesna Thaw is also, by definition, rather frosty.

    If you buy this bundle, contact me and I'll write up a custom winter-themed Dance/Dawn playset to cool your brow.
  • So I actually already have Be Ashamed and Vesna Thaw, both in print and PDF. Is it possible to get the rest at a slightly reduced price? :D
  • +1 to Dev. Hell yah.

    UserClone, email me and we''ll make it happen. n dot d paoletta at gmail.
  • This is a fine bundle offer. For those not aware, I should make mention that all three of those games are valid designs worth their ordinary cover price to anybody interested in the different subjects. I'm especially fond of The Dance of the Dawn myself (it's almost the ideal single-scenario game), but they're all enjoyable and perhaps underappreciated on the market. Annalise is a bit difficult to parse as a text, perhaps, but with all the different editions out there who can tell.

    This notice brought to you by the friendly neighbourhood games retailer.
  • Thanks Eero!

    For @UserClone, and others who already have the ndp microgames, I added a new print bundle option at the store - 3 games (Annalise, carry, Dance and the Dawn) for $35. Pretty cool, I think.

    Also, a couple trips to the post office have revealed that my shipping estimates were a little high. If you're interested in the print bundles, shipping is a more reasonable now.
  • I uncovered the Timestream PDF on my hard drive yesterday, and added it to the bundle. So now it's 6 game PDFs for 15 bucks. Just sayin'.

    I'm thinking the summer sale will probably wrap up shortly before Gen Con, FYI.
  • Just got the Timestream PDF as well as the non-microgames bundle. Now I have ALL of you, Nathan. MWAHAHA!
  • One week left! I'm gonna wrap this thing up next weekend. So, if you're at all interested in picking up up to six cool games in one fell swoop, now is the time.

    Thanks so much to those who have already taken advantage of the sale! It's been great.

  • Last weekend for the sale! There's only a few print bundles left, so if you want to snag one, now is the time.

    Stay cool.
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