Zombie Cinema awaits the TARDIS

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For some reason I thought it would be fun to play the background characters, the ones menaced by the monsters in a Dr. Who episode, using the Zombie Cinema rules. It kind of worked. Anyway, free stuff for fans of either the game or the show: Zombie Cinema: The Coming Storm


  • Oh! How strange. I did a Zombie Cinema Doctor Who hack, too. It's a lovely combination.
  • This is the correct address to Arpie's blog.

    And yes, that's a wacky combination. I'll have to link this from the game's website. I can see how having a prominent messiah NPC like the Doctor in the toybox can make for great variety for the game.
  • This is great and I agree with above! Eero_Tuovinen are you the designer of Zombie Cinema?
  • Yeah, I wrote the game, published it in 2007, and in English the next year. You can find the rules and whatnot at my blog if you're interested in trying it out, or you can go directly to the website. It's in the same vein as Fiasco and other such story-crafting GMless games, but built into a tight boardgame format for maximum accessibility.
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    Wow! I got to tell you Eero_Tuovinen, I am very impressed with Zombie Cinema. I bought it from your website yrs ago and it's a staple in my convention bag. We play it often and it's a lot of fun (and usually I don't like Zombies that much but they are a great threat). I also admire the simplicity of having an entire game in a VHS cassette box. Zombie Cinema, Fiasco and Arpie's designed games and mods are the ones I'm always talking to people about at Cons and at various events I run. I've sold a couple of copies of Fiasco for my friend who has a game store just by doing an elevator pitch of the game when running it or just talking about it with other games, it's just too bad game stores don't carry many of Indie RPGs. I'm a big fan of your Zombie Cinema and I'm even more impressed to see that you created another favorite of mine, Prime Time Adventures, as well as Shadow of Yesterday, Solar System, the Mountain Witch and others I've been told I need to play, when I get the chance.
  • Heh, I just wish I'd designed those other games you mention, Shannon; I've just published Finnish-language translations of them. (And well, I did revise the most recent edition of TSoY.) Great games all, though, and very worthwhile to play if you liked Fiasco and Zombie Cinema. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the games, there definitely seems to be a niche for that kind of quick game that leaves major creative responsibility in the hands of the players.
  • Eero, thanks also for setting up The Forge, which has been a great influence on me and my gaming.
  • You're welcome, Graham. I'm happy you found it useful, even if I've myself gone back to one of my earlier designs, Dungeons & Dragons.
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    I begin to become illuminated. Eero_Tuovinen is the St. Germain, the Sir Fancis Bacon, of story games. I know Scott Dunphy has shown me pictures of Jason Morningstar with great pride and I saw Emily Care Boss on the Gamerati, but I begin to suspect that, he, too, is a shadowy doppleganger of the true Secret Master of Story Games.

    In all seriousness, though, I was blown away the first time I played Zombie Cinema and it's been one of my convention staples as well.
  • I have played zombie cinema many times and it never ceases to amaze me.
    Also, I have played Arpie's Dr Who hack and it really melds well with the mechanics with shocking ease.
    The first time I played it with Arpie, I asked for a copy of the board and when he forgot to get me a copy, it was one of the low-lights of that convention, lol
    Dave M
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