I need random tables

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I need random tables, D&D old school style. I'm making a book just for me that is alphabetical, one big table per page. A "monster manual" (i.e. ammunition, per original Deep in the Game term) made of random.


  • Tome of Adventure Design - http://www.talesofthefroggod.com/tome-of-adventurer.html. It's a book and also for adventure design so maybe not what you're looking for. Made for Swords and Wizardry so definitely old school. It's got a great creature crafter and tons of dungeon stocking tables. Also this website has some good stuff: http://www.apolitical.info/webgame/tables/.
  • Definitely take a look at the The Dungeon Alphabet book. It's worth the money for the great artwork alone!
  • -- The Metamorphica, it's free.
    -- Beyond the Black Gate Compendiums (also free)
    -- The Ultimate Toolbox, by Dawn Ibach, Jeff Ibach, and jim pinto.
    -- Towers of Krshal has been recommended to me.
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    I gave this another thought this morning. Check out Kellri's bundle of tables (free!) : http://kellri.truculent.org/CDD#4 - ENCOUNTERS Reference.pdf
  • Also, "Ready Ref Sheets" by Judge's Guild(first book of FRP tables as far as I know - can't get much old school than that). I got mine new for the original price from a company that still has them in stock new a few months. I wish I could remember the name of the company.
  • I'd like more of This:

    Secret Santicore 2011

    Aaaand now I can't find a link to the pdf
  • Oh, I'm looking for free, since there is SO MUCH good stuff that's free.
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    You should check this out. Lots of good random tables and lots of good inspiration. Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque (free!):


    Here is the link for Secret Santicore 2011 (agreed - awesome stuff):

  • @David

    Thanks, but I'm looking for tables I can put into a document, rather than online tools...

    Although those generators would definitely help me make quick references / name lists pages
  • I'm sure you know about this one since you are on these forums: http://www.random-generator.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

    You can actually get the entire tables if you click the "view source" and then copy/paste the text into another document. You might have to do a bit of editing though.
  • @David

    Thanks, but I'm looking for tables I can put into a document, rather than online tools...
    Um... OK. Your computer doesn't do copy & paste? Your word processing program can't format text that isn't directly typed into it?

    I don't have any physical resources to point you to that you can mimeograph and paste into a scrap book... ;)

  • Scrapbook?! You must mean stone tablet.

    But really, I am hoping to find things that already look kinda nice. I'm no Joshua A. Harper-Thor over here.
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    I'd be surprised if you didn't find bandoliers of ammunition at The Dungeon Dozen.
  • I'd be surprised if you didn't find bandoliers of ammunition at The Dungeon Dozen.
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    All kidding aside, it is VERY easy to get a nice-looking format out of existing templates for popular WP programs, if you just search around for them. Then use Paste > Special to paste whatever you copy off of a site as plain text, to preserve whatever style you are pasting into (probably some kind of Numbered style, with the number of items per list limited to the highest value that one can roll on the die to be used). Apply Title to a line on the first page, insert a page break, apply Heading 1 to table title and you should be 90% done. If you use canonical styles (i.e., don't rename any; don't make new ones) then you can apply different templates in seconds, to try different looks.

    At that point, odds are good someone with basic layout skills could take your file and tweak the styles and page layouts to make it 99% golden. (100% golden shouldn't be a goal, unless you intend to pay editors and graphic designers.) PDF the puppy and done.

    As for "hoping to find things that already look kinda nice": you will have to somehow preserve the formatting of the HTML site from which you copied your stuff, assuming you find the perfect look AND perfect content for what you need. Simple pasting won't work very well, in most DTP packages (i.e., SOMETHING will break, be it page padding or how elements are tagged) and it will make for very large files, most likely (i.e., a TON of useless formatting control that you can't see but which has to be there to even have a chance of rendering identically).

    Why not go the custom route, copying plain text from any number of randomizers online, and use it as a learning opportunity (basic DTP isn't very hard, these days)?
  • Hey David, I like the fractal map generator, I was looking for one of those for a while.

    Is there something... idiosyncractic and awesome in there as well?
  • http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/random/#npc
    ...and that's just ONE of the randomizers, with 3 (of about 10) different choices in the base pull-down option.

    It's... well, it's WAY deep, if you just click around.
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    It may not look as a random table but it is. I use it to create plots, monsters, npcs, random obstacles, etc. You can add later whatever stats you want:

    Edit: more about how to use it here: resourcefullrpg.wordpress.com/
  • Whelp, donjon.bin.sh is pretty amazing. I don't think I'll ever need another random generator ever again.
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