It's Happening Again!!! Non GenCon Awesome, 2012 Edition

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You know the drill! If you're not going to GenCon, tell us about the awesome stuff you ARE doing.



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    Co-op action on the PS3 (DC Universe Online) tonight.

    Co-op action on the Xbox 360 (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare) tomorrow night.

    Trying to run a game of Bootleggers and Byakhees (Mythos action with playing cards and poker chips) on Friday.

    Playing Pandemic with both the mutation and the virulent strain on Saturday.

    Running a playtest of ViewScream (a story game designed for Skype and G+ Hangouts) on Sunday.

    Going to get some sleep at some point! Maybe!
  • Probably this, at least for a night or two:

    Definitely this:
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    Movies! I'm watching John Woo's Red Cliff (2008) for the umpteenth time on a giant screen today, and am going through my back catalog of old German sci-fi.
    Music! I have a joint DJ/pianist gig on Saturday, in which I'm playing a full jazz set on a 110-year old Steinway during cocktail hour, and then DJ-ing a Motown dance party for 70 people afterwards.
    Marriage! My wife Kat returns on Sunday, and I get to see her again after about a month of being apart.
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    Moving to a beautiful new house. Happy about the beautiful new house, unhappy about the moving (and missing Viewscream)
  • I'll get you in there, boss. Enjoy the new home!
  • Oh, hell--I got GC and DC confused.

    THIS weekend... Kickstartering Blood Red Sands and watching NFL football. Wee.
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    I was going to participate in the excellent idea CONCurrent:
    Basically, an online con for folks not going to GenCon.

    However, my week is almost totally booked: Today I'm doing Stuff, tomorrow I'm meeting an old college friend, and the rest of the week I'll be recovering from the Stuff.

    The Stuff is the launch of the Tenra Bansho kickstarter (today: Film last scenes of, edit, post movie, hit Review). Don't fret about accidentally missing it or anything, because I'm going to be a goober and beg for money, a lot, here. Without procrastination on TBZ, there'd be no Story Games.

  • watching NFL football
    What month is it? Anyway.

    The 3:16 game is on break this Friday, so it looks like we're going to playtest a game of Tayler's, or playtest DDN, or play Eclipse or something.

    It's also going to be hot as fuck, so I'm probably going to avoid the Yellow Face and play Dwarf Fortress, try to finish my Freemarket review, work on some designs, and watch Buffy.
  • watching NFL football
    What month is it? Anyway.
    Ffotball Month, bub! :P

    Got my Panthers playing Friday, and my 'Skins on Saturday!

    Just 'cause it's pre-season don't mean it ain't fottbal....

  • Yesterday I went to the Storm Crow Tavern, a nerdpub that just opened up on Commercial Drive, my fave neighborhood in Vancouver BC. Opening day! We had delicious food and beer there. I inquired about running the Story Games Vancouver night there, and the owner is excited about it. Fingers crossed!

    I returned to the Apocalypse World group that I used to roll with in Vancouver. Played an Angel with some mutant genitalia and all the identity concerns that they come with. Hated guns, hated the gunlugger. Was fun.

    Today: acquiring furniture for my new place, maybe going to a spoken word & offbeat accoustic show.

    Tomorrow: maybe killin' some ligers at Red Box Vancouver.

    Soon: learning to play WarMachine.
  • Yesterday: Played a kick-ass session of World of Dungeons. We figured out who's manipulating the guy who's manipulating us, thanks to a pretty badass CHA roll on the part of my octopoid. And our wizard is now in the clutches of a mystical relic that may convince him to labotomize several members of the party.

    Tomorrow: Hopefully running a World of Dungeons + Planarch Codex playtest at Story Games Seattle with randomly generated locations, missions, and dungeons. Who knows what might happen!
  • Tomorrow I and a bunch of friends are going to see a simulcast of RiffTrax doing a live performance of a new riff of "Manos" The Hand of Fate, one of the most bizarre and inexplicable films to appear in MST3K. My birthday is Friday, so I'm looking forward to generally using the excuse to do fun stuff with friends.

    I'm really happy with how the revisions of my games Dragon World and Magical Burst are coming along. A friend of mine who really likes Dragon World has offered to be a "patron" for the game, the upshot of which is that the final result will likely get some very pretty artwork. And speaking of art, I commissioned artwork for the Channel A card game I've been working on.


    I've also been working on assembling some bonus material for Golden Sky Stories. It's taking some time (on account of the Japanese designer being pretty busy with other stuff right now), but we have some pretty nifty stuff in the pipeline.
  • Ugh, I had a hotel and everything for GenCon, but then I had some of the old group bail on me, so I'm not going.

    Thursday - RiffTrax is doing Manos: The Hands of Fate. This should be really good, like most of their other live shows.
    Friday - I'm not playing 3:16 with Hans, and instead playing something else like he said
    Saturday - Not sure yet
    Sunday - Playing Warmachine at one of Portland's many local stores
  • Tonight: Punch Party. We were recently given a punch bowl set and had no use for them. And our normal Apocalypse World game is on hold for Gencon. so we're having a party with a punch bowl and some sort of fruit based punch. And playing game, including possibly Durance.

    Friday, we're supposed to play Perfect.

    The rest of the time we're playing Plants vs. Zombies.
  • I've got assorted GMs and Players going to GenCon, so the normal Skype games are on hold. I plan to pitch some one shots or board games to those that are still hanging around, but the game systems are still up in the air.
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    Just started fermenting a batch of apple/ponegranate wine, now to brainstorm more fantasy football rules.
  • (Taking it the wrong way on purpose...) Use eight or ten siders, they most look like a football. :-)
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    Probably playing either Lady Blackbird or doing a bit more D&D Next on Saturday, likely the last time playing with my whole group in the room for several months.

    Also potentially heading into Seattle for Story Games Seattle tomorrow if I can.

    EDIT: Also, Mass Effect Trilogy and Binding of Isaac until I pass out.
  • Running either Apocalypse World or Ghost Echo. Playing either Dark Sun or Gamma World. Working on In Nomine/Apocalypse World Hack.
  • Listen up, cake-babies! A robot army is coming to kill us! Lucky for you peach pies, I always knew this day would come – and I have been preparing for it! I have studied robots for years! I once stared at a toaster for three months to get into the minds of these monsters! And there are three things I know for sure: They are smarter than us! They are stronger than us! And they can make toast.

    But if there is one thing we can do that these machines cannot, it is this: we can lie! We will lie to them on the beaches! We will lie to them in the beach parking lot! We may even lie to them on non-beach-related property! About the quality of our munitions! About the strength of our will! We will even lie about lying! That is how deep this rabbit hole goes! But the most important lie we will tell is this: Where the Mann Co. facilities are!

    These rusty bags of cans have been programmed to attack all things Mann Co.! That is why we are here today, in front of this perfectly normal Mann Co. facility! But look closer! It is not an actual Mann Co. facility. I made it myself, using nothing but sweat and deception and lie-paint! We will lure the robots to this house of lies, and we will destroy them with our very real weapons and whatever it is the Scout does!

  • I ran into @lumpley and Joshua AC Newman at The Foundry, enjoying a nice cold n' dark brew. They didn't go to Gen Con either.

    (So there, Gen Con!)
  • Thursday, we had a burning wheel session. One of the prologues we're playing before we start our 'real' game. Oh, nothing big, but the advisor managed to bankrupt the kingdom so that future generations would think he was great. And the noble captain managed to get the king in bed with the sorceress. Politically, that is. Yes. Only politically.

    Tonight, beer.

    Tomorrow, work, where I will slay ten-thousand fire ants in the name of justice and safety for three year old children everywhere. Fear me, the fire ant, for my water boils hot and my organically-derived citrus solution is more potent than any commercial pesticide.

    Oh, and, Sunday I'm getting my high school D&D group together for the D&D next playtest. Wacky. Haven't played with these guys in years.
  • This weekend in London is just TFM with _two_ story game events at the same time within a few miles of each other with the Fiasco picnic and the August Indie RPG Meetup.

    Too much goodness in too few hours...

    Jenn Con, who she? :)
  • This morning the Tenra Bansho Zero kickstarter started and got fully funded and then some. That's definitely something awesome and not related to Gen Con. (Also, heartening for my own upcoming Kickstarter for a Japanese RPG.)
  • Oatmeal stout and bragget purchased, Core Worlds and Olympos on the gaming docket, a new game of Dungeon World to start. It's not GenCon but I can't complain.
  • This weekend we have our traditional Beer and Treachery get together in which a bunch of us gather the week before the next Houses of the Blooded LARP event at a local bar for beer, food and talk about the game. It's almost as fun as the game itself.

    - Colin
  • Family boardgames after dinner for us.
  • Also, I received three free pies and 46 bottles of tea from work. This made our two gaming sessions go very well. In Durance, many Oaths were broken and injustices committed. My judge advocate was convicted of treason because he saw the best in everyone and therefore was too lenient. Then in Perfect I was arrested for writing poetry while I was supposed to be working.
  • Finishing up the first playtest doc of Doogie, Dawley, and Dean: Detectives on Dial, a fun little slapstick/farce mystery game. Thinking about the GURPS cyberpunk game my gaming club is plotting for the next school year. Breaking out the violin after three years and doing some righteous jamming with someone I don't see nearly enough. Overall, nothing to sneeze at.
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