MACE: Indie Sales

Will there be any indie *sales* presence at MACE (High Point, NC, November 10-12)? I ask, because, well, you know: indie games to buy! Also, a friend of mine was hoping for some opportunity to pick some stuff up.


  • There won't be a vendor table or anything, but individual publishers will have stuff for sale. You'll be able to pick up a copy of BE, BW, or The Roach for sure. Beyond that, not so sure. I'll see if Clinton has any stock for me to bring.
  • There tends to be a dealer's hall, but it tends to be quite empty of indie games stuff. Best bet is to buy direct from the author, contacting them ahead of time so they'll bring the goods.

    Also, Fred Hicks will be there, so if you want a print copy of Don't Rest Your Head or a copy of Spirit of the Century, there's that too.

  • Assuming I have some on hand, of course. I'm not sure I want to take any away from the stuff earmarked for IPR's stock.

    THAT SAID, if you preorder Spirit of the Century IPR before THIS weekend, and tell me you'll be there, I can bring your book down to you come MACE weekend and hand it to you personally -- I'll already be doing this for Darren Hennessey and Andy K.

    Drop me a line at evilhat AT gmail DOT com if you want me to bring you your SOTC at MACE. :)
  • I'm not planning on bringing any stock. In the past sales have been so marginal, that it's more trouble to haul the stock around than it's worth.

    If you're absolutely sure you want to buy BW or BE, though, I'll bring you a copy. (All of my other titles are SOLD OUT.) Otherwise, I'm travelling light.
  • Sorry to assume, Luke. Good to know.
  • But do go up to the other stalls and ask whether they have a particular indie game in stock. The more times they hear the name...

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