[Villages.cc] Broad offer of hours for contributions to 'open gaming'

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Hi folks,

You might know that I run a wiki for libre resources and shareable works, the FOSsil Bank. I also blog infrequently at Living Libre. There are a lot of story games already listed on the FOSsil Bank (it has entries for over 300 RPGs).

I thought it would be fun to join in on the Villages.cc experiment. I'm willing to pay you hours on Villages.cc for the following things:

1. Writing reviews or actual plays of story games that are on the FOSsil Bank wiki. (Shall we say 0.5 hours per review? And I'll ask that the reviews are licensed Creative Commons Attribution so others can share and adapt them and I can put them on my blog)

2. Improving the story game entries that are on the FOSsil Bank wiki (0.1 hours per entry that's been improved: this could include stuff like adding extra information, links to supporting material, etc.)

3. Licensing your games or supplements under libre licences (the number of hours would depend on the size of the game or supplement, but for example I'd happily pay an hour or two for MikeRiverso's CC BY-SA licensed World of Dungeons generators; please note that this is for libre works only—I've included a definition below)

4. Anything else relating to libre or Creative Commons, if you get in touch with me earlier and get it okayed.

What are libre works and shareable works?
Shareable works are those under any licence that allows them to be shared verbatim non-commercially. Some shareable works can also be adapted or shared for commercial purposes. All current Creative Commons licences are shareable licences.

Libre works are those under any licence that allows them to be shared and adapted by any person for any purpose. Of the Creative Commons licences, Creative Commons Attribution, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and Creative Commons Zero (a public domain licence) are libre licences.
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