[I Am A Survivor] Ashbury Playset

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Hey story gamers,

Among the other things I'm throwing my free time at, I've been mulling around an idea to create a city-based playset for I am a Survivor. I started working a pretty decent little city map based off of this last night. I'm thinking of releasing the expanded rules explanation with the playset as a bundle. I like the idea of providing a map, points of interest, faction creation tables, random event creation tables, NPC and Enemy lists, maybe some cool images, tips on using the playset, and maybe some player hand-outs.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on those things? What kind of other cool things would be nice to see in a zombie-pocalypse playset?


  • I like it Zach :)
    I think some 'impressions' like Marshall does with his dungeon starters would be ace.
    Some sort of oracle as in a Wicked Age uses for generating juicy situations to tie the characters into.
    Oh, I know! Maybe a 'transmission' style bunch of connected lists like in Technoir? This then could connect into the resources and VIP stages of chargen? Plus you'd get an R-map as a bonus with tags attached.
  • Great ideas Noofy! Thanks! I'll try to find some of Marshall's works to see what he does there. I haven't seen Oracles before, but I'll definitely search them out. Transmissions are awesome! Maybe I'll work up something similar to those.

    Just gotta beat that designer ADD!
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