Why is Shock: not called Praxis:?

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So I finally managed to get through Shock: last night (yes, yes, I'm horribly behind), and while it seems that Shocks are somewhat important, Praxis seems to be what it's really all about, even more so than Issues. Am I completely off-base here?



  • They do provide those all-important verbs.

    (I will hopefully get a chance to finally play this tonight!)
  • Well, for one, I guess Shock sounds better :)

  • I was gonna say that too. Praxis: is a rubbish title.

  • I had a note around here from a conversation I had with Emily Care Boss on the phone where I said something like "Compare social issues with technological changes... Shocks?" It was the point where the game took shape.

    Also, Praxis is how you do stuff, not what you do stuff about. Shocks are the larger-than-life parts that you look at (and through) to examine the Issues. It's what makes it science fiction, which was the founding criterion for the game: to make an actual science fiction game.

    I actually thought about calling it Praxis, but decided against it.

    The Praxis scales used to be orthogonal. I couldn't stop calling them The Axis of Praxis. So I separated them out. Also, it confused the living shit out of players to have the character sheet be a cartesian plane. Which is disappointing.

  • I remember that discussion. It wasn't on the phone. It was in Vincent's living room after PTA one night.

  • Posted By: ptevisSo I finally managed to get through Shock: last night (yes, yes, I'm horribly behind)
    You're behind? I've just bought Sorcerer and ordered Dogs in the Vineyard. I guess I'll come to Shock: et al in about 5 years time ...
  • This note says it was on the phone. My notes don't lie.

    ... of course, I can't find the note now.

  • Andrew, they only come in order if you're interested in the history of the form. They all do different things differently. The earlier games will probably be more familiar as RPGs, I suppose, but if you're into it, My Life with Master isn't that much of an easier leap than Shock:

    And MLwM is a blast.

  • I'm already a MLWM fan! I do actually own a few indie games, although disappointingly few. But I'm taking this off topic ... lemme make a new thread.
  • Posted By: Joshua A.C. NewmanAlso, Praxis is how you do stuff, not what you do stuff about.
    I disagree. Our choice of praxes effectively framed what our game was about. The shock was setting, colour and inspiration for exploring the emotional context of the praxes.
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    Well, that's awesome.

    Edit: I didn't say the game was about the Shocks. It's about the Issues. But the Shocks are what makes the Issues grow.

  • Oh, and, duh, the colon:

    Shock: means, "There's a Shock. Now what?"

    Praxis: would mean "So you did someting. So what?"

  • I think Shock: is a pretty good title, regardless of whether or not its the most appropriate name. It's striking, it jolts me and makes me stop. Praxis... isn't bad, but not as good. It kinda makes me go, wtf? (I'm not sure if it's a good wtf? or a bad wtf?)

    That's the publisher in me speaking.
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    For those of us connected with the school teaching business in the US, just seeing the word PRAXIS makes you wince in pain... >_>
  • You guys don't know what your talking about. Josh is a design geek, if the game was called Praxis: we wouldn't have the little wierd typographic pictoglyph old school cylon head/ space helmet thingy, we'de have a snake hanging out with some turds.

    Also, i call dibs on a game called "Hanging out with some turds"
  • Kevin, I'll wrestle you for it.

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