Mario and Luigi need your help

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My 4 year old needs more Mario and Luigi. Constant Marioand Luigi. When she is with me, she wakes up wanting to play Mario and goes to sleep the same way.

Not the video game, mind you. We play with the stuffed animal versions of Mario and Luigi. Telling, as she says "Mario and Luigi stories."


In fact many other characters - the Koopalings and Bowser - also have a role, although these roles are assayed by a rotating cast of non-branded stuffed animals.

So I'm in Mario overload and my ability to come up with Mario and Luigi stories is starting to dry up. Her experience is mostly from us playing Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Brothers Wii together.

I need a reference sheet to help me. So I'm thinking a page with 75% Problems, 25% Help


Bowser Junior uses a giant cake to kidnap Princess Peach. (muwahahaha!)
Bowser busts in and kidnaps Princess Peach.
Wizkoopa turned Plocks (the yellow toad) to stone!
Candy Koopa's lost her hoops
Lava is flooding Bowser's basement
Someone got lost!
The Ice King froze someone in a block of ice!
Someone has the flu today...


Rosalina, the Luma Mama, has a magic spell that can make a bridge
Lumas can light the way
Power stars make you super-strong!
We found some Permanent Markers

I need... so much more of this.


  • My daughter (also four) recently discovered the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. It is every bit as terrible as I recall it was in the 1980s. BUT it is an excellent source for these sorts of things. Check out this episode list for a bunch of prompts and starting points for Mario stories.
  • Believe it or not, Abulafia has a Mario Oracle.
  • The Mama Luigi episode is easy to find on YouTube, so I've seen it seven thousand times
  • Help:

    A statue of an old man, actually a friend in tanooki suit disguise!
  • Luigi ate too many fireflowers and now he can't stop burping fire.
    Yoshi enters a track and field competition, but the athletes Bowser sponsors keep cheating!
    Princess Peach loses her tiara while on vacation in the Magical Mushroom Forest.
  • The Mario cartoons are actually pretty decent for their time. I watched lots of Mario 3 and Super Mario World back in the day. Great for coming up with Mario plots, but many are just Mario takes on classic 80s cartoon bits. It's Bowser's birthday, what will the Kooplas bring him? Whatever it is, he probably won't be satisfied!
  • My girls did the exact same thing when they were younger. I told them a different Mario & Luigi story every night for what seemed like months. And if it wasn't them, it was Pikmin, Sonic & Tails or Thomas the Tank engine. Unfortunately, I didn't write those stories down (though one of them wrote a Mario & Luigi story for me for my birthday, I wonder if I could find that...). But, the stories I told usually involved Bowser or Wario doing something mischievious and Mario and Luigi saving the day. Luigi typically did something bungling that turned out helping the brothers. Of course Peach also solved a lot of the problems (and yes, Mario was kidnapped by Bowser several times and Peach rescued him).

    They also used to like to watch me play the games. I finished Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, etc etc. while they watched. The recently told me they remember being scared sometimes, but they knew I would beat the bad guys. Good times.
  • That is pretty awesome. Peach has been rescue-ee in our stories mostly because Peach is a little hard chess piece, and Mario and Luigi are big strong plushies. But I'm ordering a Peach plushie from Japan, should be here for her birthday. Then we'll see who wears the pants.
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