Solo game for traversing/maintaining a memory palace?

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So Memory Palaces right?

I've done this before a few times therapeutically, where I make a memory palace as a mental map to analyze some things I was trying to work out. I also started stuffing story and future project ideas into the rooms there, and then I'd enjoy going back and having different characters walk through my memory palace and comment on what they found there.

I'm wondering if there's a solo story game here, or a good procedure, for maintaining a memory palace. Not just for memorizing things, but for keeping ideas and revisiting them.

Has anyone else poked at this?


  • Try Game Chef 2007. Two of the ingredients were "Memory" and "Palace", which pushed things in that direction.
  • The links I found via google to the Game Chef archive are all broken... little help?
  • Eero wrote one of these for the never-published Push 2. Let me see if I can find it... here it is.

    Ludi Imaginationis

    P.S. Eero, I posted this on a page unlinked anywhere but this thread. Let me know if you want me to take it down, so it's not shared further.
  • Reminds me of Onirim.
  • Jackson Tegu's game The Smoke Dream is about navigating a dream-state memory palace. You play using a deck of cards, wandering cyclically through them. You encounter the same locations and half-complete faces, trying to find your true heart so that you can wake up again.

  • P.S. Eero, I posted this on a page unlinked anywhere but this thread. Let me know if you want me to take it down, so it's not shared further.
    Not a problem, I don't mind. It's not an entirely finished piece, but you say so in there, so it's all fine as far as I'm concerned.

    The idea of memory palace games seems fruitful, and I enjoyed working on the above bit, but I've so far failed to identify a really useful use case for the memory palace. No doubt this is why the practice is uncommon. I'll trot out my entire box of memory palace tricks if and when an occasion occurs, though.
  • The Smoke Dream is a great suggestion. Unfortunately, it's not publicly available these days, I don't think.
  • The Smoke Dream is, indeed, totally lovable.

    But it seems like Ry is talking about something that will help us build palaces out of our own memory, and then visit them again & again.

    I don't think that exists, but damn, Ry, I want it to. Are you the person to make this thing?
  • RyRy
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    I don't know. I mostly make finish things that clarify other people's games in some way.
  • You know, that was a parry, not a response.

    The real problem is, if I make what I do with a memory palace into a game, it's not fun. It's elaborate, interesting, but frequently painful. I will get back to this thread in a bit.
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