[Metatopia] What's happening?

Hey, I lost some email and I'm wondering if the instructions for registering events has been sent out yet?


  • I haven't seen anything, myself.
  • According to a post on G+, Vinnie's been in London, so that may have something to do with it.
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    http://www.dexposure.com/m2012.html has all the information you're looking for. This includes both the signup for designers and players at the bottom of the page. The surveys for players will be going out closer to the event. We hope to see you all there!

    --Andy Sirkin
    Director of Operations
    Double Exposure, Inc.
  • Vinnie just sent out an email (a day or two ago) to all the designers saying he was in London, and he'd be calling each of us individually on the phone to better understand our needs.
  • Hey, did anyone running games at Metatopia get phone calls yet?
  • We chatted via email today, so he's putting stuff together.

    As far as I know I'm speaking for an hour on the topic of my choice ("Why I Am Sad and Lonely") and participating in some kind of roundtable discussion/panel. I'll be playing in a couple of playtests and running a pair of playtests of my own. One of these is a hybrid larp/board game (!) you should make time for (capacity 18) and the other is a larp version of a tabletop game.
  • I got a phone call. There was talking about stuff.

    Running 2 playtests of an RPG called AIR (Space Horror).
    Running 2 playtests of a Bank Robbing card game
    Running 1 playtest of a cyberpunk-esque board game.
  • I should be running 2 different playtests of Spark as well as a concept-stage focus group on a new game. Other than that, plenty of playtesting and interesting panels to attend.
  • I got a call from Vinnie last night. I'll be running a buttload of 2-hour 13th Age demos and one or two 4-hour games of the same for Pelgrane Press. I'm hoping to get Heinsoo to toss me some of the cool new characters from 13 True Ways to playtest.
  • Aw man, I have until the 28th to register and get my shit into testable form, most of which is really REALLY alpha.

    I'm gonna be there mostly to observe and pick people's brains, but perhaps I can follow up on Jason_Morningstar's talk with one of my own ("Why I am Afraid and Confused").
  • This is all very exciting, the not having a schedule part! Like flying among fog-shrouded playtest mountains!
  • Have panels been locked down yet?
  • Not as of two days ago.

    (I think I'll be playtesting two different pro wrestling games and my E.A. Poe-inspired monster hunting game..!)
  • Does anyone know what time we're starting on friday? Trying to finalize plans.
  • Friday events start at 8pm, according to the chat I had with Vinnie.
  • I plan to arrive around 2-3 PM and hang out with people. I might even have a SUITE at the hotel, with ample quiet play space if there's none available elsewhere.

    If anyone wants to do something--lunch, gaming, chatting--let me know. Or just email adamdray at the g-to-the-mail-to-the-dotcom, or SMS me at 443-226-7883. I'll have a car, too.

    Assuming NJ isn't under four feet of water due to Frankenstorm or whatever.
  • I'll be there! I've got a focus group and two play tests. But they're secret. I otherwise intend to spend the time hanging out, playing in other groups, being on panels, and getting to know a lot more people.
  • Apparently I'm on panels! Whoa!

    I'm also running 5 sessions of games.

    Adam, I will SEE YOU THERE on Friday (I've arriving at a time determined by Brennan's plans, I believe)
  • And apparently I'll be going as a supplicant this year to pick your brains while you aren't looking. Thought about it and I think it would be more useful if I was prepared to show how I might be able to help other designers in their weak areas (and visa versa) than polish off one or more of my nanosystems for playtest (though that's not exactly difficult or time consuming, so I'm probably just lazy).

    And that's if I make it out at all, which isn't looking so good at this point.
  • My insano panel schedule for Metatopia. I'll also be running three games and playing two.

    "The Coolest Game You Never Heard Of" presented by James Ernest, Kenneth Hite, Jason Morningstar, Cam Banks, Nathan Paoletta, Brennan Taylor & Others. Join our Guests of Honor and several additional talented designers for a discussion about their favorite obscure game that influenced them. What did we learn, why do we love them, and why do they remain obscure? This discussion will address both role playing and board/card games. Visit the IPR booth to buy your copies after the panel! Friday, 7:00PM - 8:00PM; One Session; All Ages. Location: Cairo.

    8-9 PM
    "My Dearest Failure: Games That Didn't Work and Why" presented by Jason Morningstar, Kenneth Hite & Rob Donoghue. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Join us for a discussion of games that never got made despite the best of intentions, and what lessons we can learn from the wreckage. Friday, 8:00PM - 9:00PM; One Session; All Ages. Location: Cairo.

    "How Do You Know It Works? Questioning Playtesting Assumptions" presented by Jason Morningstar, Bill White & Curt Covert. Don't fool yourself! Are you too close to your own game? How do you maintain objectivity during the development process? Our experts will try to help you avoid the traps. Friday, 11:00PM - 12:00AM; One Session; All Ages. Location: Headquarters A.

    "An Hour With Jason Morningstar" presented by Jason Morningstar. Join Guest of Honor Jason Morningstar for a conversation on the topic of authority in tabletop and live action roleplaying games - how it is formulated in rules texts, models of distribution, and common challenges to both traditional and unorthodox approaches to handling authority on a practical level. Saturday, 3:00PM - 4:00PM; One Session; All Ages. Location: Concord.

    "The Role Playing and Story Games Roundtable" presented by Kenneth Hite & Jason Morningstar. Led by several of our special guests, this discussion will focus on the art of designing role playing and story games and the elements necessary to catch the players' imaginations. Particular emphasis on new concepts and how to push the envelope. Saturday, 4:00PM - 6:00PM; One Session; All Ages. Location: Concord.
  • This all sounds terribly wonderful and just the kind of stuff I need to hear. My schedule however consists of the following:

    "the railroad to nowhere leads to me" Expect to get anywhere in the tri-state area by metro? Good luck with that.

    7:01PM - open
  • I will be recording as many panels as I can manage, and paired with Jason Morningstar and Fred Hicks we should get a bit of coverage.
  • I'm still in Ohio, hoping that a) our current booking will stick and get us home to NYC and b) we can then get a lift to the convention (we have one tentatively lined up).
  • Nathan I am pretty sure I am in one of your wrestling playtests!
  • My schedule so far:

    - 10pm - Playtesting Panel

    - 9am - Addressing Controversial Topics Panel
    - 11am - Fiasco LARP
    - 8pm - Building Communities For Your Games Panel
    - 9pm - Blind Playtesting Panel
    - 11pm - Hiring and Firing People Panel

    - 11am - How Not To Be A Jerk Panel
    - 12pm - World Wide Wrestling Game
  • As far as I can tell there are exactly three (RPG) games that fall into my free times, and I'm not interested in two of them. Adam, I may be dropping in on your 13th Age game Saturday night, if you have room!
  • Hey, does anyone have a good report on how things are in Morristown/the turnpike? My mother is having a wig out (re reports of gas shortages) and I would like to reassure her.
  • I'd love to have you, Nathan. We can probably make room. Stop by and see.
  • @fredhicks tweeted 25 minutes ago: Got a call from the #Metatopia folks. NJ is seeing gas shortages; make sure you're at a full tank before you cross into the state.
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