What can you tell me about this map?

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So I don't know a lot about this region. I know that there's exasperation about banished criminals and bitter clansmen from Woven landing along the coast. There's an old joke about the man from Yelling and his wife from Listener.

What else is going on here?


  • Also: Milkmen are weird.

    Few venture up to the High Dances because of the stories, although when Dancers come down we're all fascinated by the trinkets they bring.
  • Beware the fires at High Dances, especially if they can be seen at Brightly, at least that's what I heard.
  • I hear that Savings was founded my members of a mercantile religion (don't call it a cult where they can hear you). Something about the Great Ledger and tallying up your personal balance sheet. They're pretty fanatic about it too. Apparently you really don't want to get "into the red", whatever that means.
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    Fish from the marrow straights taste sweeter. "He's been living on the Marrow" is a common euphemism for hedonism, frivolousness, addiction, and practically every other perceived weakness of cosmopolitans that a rural man might use to insult his neighbor when their harvest or other fortunes were greater this year than his own. We've all been guilty of saying it at one time or another, and we all eat marrow fish at least one holiday a year. But I hear Widow McGary has been eating marrow fish so often she gets the shakes if she misses a single meal of it. She can afford it because of all the husbands whose inheritances she's "come into". Ha!
  • Nothing that sinks or drops beneath the waves of the Covetous Sea ever returns to the surface.
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    For some reason, the sounds that the waves of the Sea of Mourning make sounds like a weeping. A light breeze produces the sound of children crying, a moderate wind the sound of women wailing, a stiff breeze the sound of men sobbing and a storm sounds like a chorus of the damned. Those who live on the shore of this sea soon find alternate ways to express their sadness or grief, weeping with their hands, eyes or posture, but not with their voices. Those who sail on that sea often become hard-hearted and will laugh at others' grief. The worst pirates in the world sail on the Sea of Mourning.
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