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What is this game?
This is a forum game open to everyone and anyone! You are a member of the Silverwolf Outriders. Your clan's ancestral sword has been stolen and taken somewhere into the vast and untamed borderlands. It must be found at all costs! You and dozens of your clansman set out on a mission to locate it and return it home. You begin your journey departing from The Den, your ancestral home, in the land known as the Northfell Highlands. Will you find what you're looking for? Or will you all perish braving the dangers of the wild?

This game is based off Explorers! (The RPG) by Stephen Bretall as posted on the Story-Games forums for the 5 Minute Game Challenge. The original map was created by Jason Lutes.

Show Me The Map
Show Me The Style

Joining the Game
- The first person to post should create their Outrider and then roll to TRAVEL. You start in Location #1 ("Northfell Highlands")
- The next participants to join should just create their Outrider and take their place in turn order. Do not roll anything. We will take turns based off of posting order.
- Each turn, someone rolls to TRAVEL and we consult the chart. The players deal with the events and then the next person rolls to TRAVEL.
- If your Outrider dies, you may leave the game or create a new Outrider and fall into the last position in turn order.
- If it's your turn and you don't take it within ~24 hours, your turn will be skipped and the next person in line will go.

Creating Your Outrider
- Give yourself a name
- In one or two sentences, tell us who you are
- In one or two sentences, tell us what you look like
- Assign a +3, +2, and +1 to Combat, Exploration, and Diplomacy

Example Outrider:
Brom Splintertooth
The chieftain's nephew and a metal worker. Brave, stoic, and determined to return the ancestral sword.
Tall and lean, with short-cropped brown hair, a beard, and dark green eyes. Wears the ancestral symbol across his chest, carrying a shield and heavy shortblade.
Combat +2
Exploration +3
Diplomacy +1

The Rules
When you TRAVEL, tell us where your clan is riding to. You can go to any numbered location on the map adjacent to the one you're currently in, including places you've already visited as the results may be different. Name the new location if it doesn't already have one and roll a d6:
1: You encounter a threat and something goes terribly wrong! GM determines what and you roll to determine your fate prior to the clan arriving at the destination.
2-3: You run into something unexpected! GM determines what and challenges the Outriders prior to the clan arriving at the destination.
4-5: Travel goes fine. The destination is reached without much fuss.
6: Travel is faster than expected, or maybe you run into some nice people or find some cool stuff. The destination is reached without trouble and the clan is rewarded.

When you reach a destination, roll a d6:
1: The location is hostile, and those here don't want you to find what you're looking for, or maybe they want it for themselves! The GM challenges the Outriders.
2-3: The location is quirky, with interesting inhabitants and an odd structure. You won't find what you're looking for here, but you'll find something else. GM will offer choices.
4-5: The location is roughly what you expected. What you're looking for isn't here, but there may be clues that might lead you to your goal. GM may reward the Outriders.
6: This is the place! What you're looking for is actually here! The sword is always guarded, and if you fail to get it (for the guards are always challenging and call for sacrifice...) then it moves to a new place, most likely pretty far away.

When the GM challenges you, roll 1d6 and add which ever skill makes the most sense for the situation (Combat, Exploration, or Diplomacy).
- You must roll a total of 6 or higher to succeed. If you succeed, the Outriders will be rewarded. If you fail, the Outriders will be penalized.
- If you roll a natural 1 on the d6, something goes terribly wrong! Sorry, as the person rolling you may get wounded or even die.
- The GM will roll 1d6 to determine the challenge type: 1-2 is Combat, 3-4 is Exploration, 5-6 is Diplomacy.
- When a reward or penalty is owed to the Outriders, the GM rolls 1d6 to determine which challenge type they get a +1 or -1 to their next roll on: 1-2 is Combat, 3-4 is Exploration, 5-6 is Diplomacy.
- If you are challenged by who or whatever is guarding the Ancestral Sword, the clan will have to deal with all three challenge types - Combat, Exploration, and Diplomacy!

When something goes terribly wrong, GM determines what and you roll a d6:
1-2: You immediately die a painful death. Better luck next time. Drop out or create a new Outrider.
3-4: Somehow you manage to survive but you receive a grievous wound during the turmoil. Subtract 1 from a skill permanently. If you've already received a grievous wound in the past, the pain is too much and you die shortly after. Drop out or create a new Outrider.
5-6: The fortunes smile upon you. You emerge unscathed and live another day. You lucky bastard.


  • seems like rolling a 1/6 chance means my character almost certainly dies. Forgive me if I fail to find that appealing.
  • It is indeed a perilous quest! Remember, it only takes a few moments to create a Outrider and you can create another if yours perishes. Not every game is designed with the intention of your character living a long time. If you aren't brave enough, you need not participate.
  • Hmm. I suppose that's true enough. Perhaps I wasn't being fair. The heck with it, everything else about this appeals to me. Why not?

    Name: Sejcka Rolfsdottir

    Daughter of the clan's best cook, and she is one of its best singers. Charming and fiercely competitive, she is also one of the clan's newest envoys, groups of people who, with an armed guard, are sent on diplomatic missions to furnish beneficial marriages between members of local tribes, and other peaceful outsider contact.

    Long brown braided hair, dark olive skin. Fierce hazel eyes set in an otherwise plain face. Wears fine furs and rides a dappled brown stallion.

    Combat +2
    Diplomacy +3
    Exploration +1

  • How should I roll?
  • Lief Anderin, Scribe of the Outriders.

    A thin, pale man with a scraggly beard and a penchant for making bad jokes, such as his oft-repeated insistence that he's "chief of the outwriters". Many of the outriders give him a hard time, but he's generally well-liked (for no one truly wants their story smeared by his quill). Not particularly hardy, but his studies and innate perceptiveness make him quite handy in exploration. Usually seen wearing an incredibly thick furry cape, in which he has sewn many pockets containing various papers and quills for recording the unusual and incredible on a moment's notice. Owns a knife with a small sapphire set in the hilt that many of the other outriders envy, though none know from where he obtained it, save the elders.

    Exploration +3, Diplomacy +2, Combat +1.

    Also, glad you liked my game - this seems like a pretty cool way to use it!
  • Eldwulf Ormsson, veteran sea-raider

    Eldwulf has a pragmatic mind and a gift for leadership. He was wintering among his kin in the Northfell Highlands, pondering building a home and starting a family.

    He's tall and lean, and his face is weathered from being out on the open ocean under the beating sun. His beard and hair are long and red and braided. He carries a long-hafted axe, an ivory warhorn, and round shield of boiled leather with a metal boss in the center.

    Combat +3
    Diplomacy +2
    Exploration +1
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    [Sorry for the delay - kid has been sick. Thanks to those that have joined! In an effort to prevent people from getting scared away by the chance of dying, I have adjusted the Terrible Wrong table to give the Outriders a better chance of surviving. Hope that makes it more appealing. UserClone, your turn is first. Choose a location to lead the clan to, name that location, and roll 1d6. You can use something like this, or you can just roll a real die and go off the honor system. I don't expect anyone to cheat.]
  • Travel to 2, result: 5
  • The Outriders head south to the Long Shore. A brief rain storm passes overhead but only a slight drizzle wets their cloaks. They arrive without event and search for any clues as to the location of their lost treasure.

    UserClone - You have lead your clan to Area 2, known as the Long Shore. For future reference, please name the location once you arrive there. Now - roll 1d6 to determine what you find in Area 2.
  • Rolling for Long Shore, result: 4
  • After searching the beach for tracks for the remainder of the daylight, the clan finds nothing. The culprits must have traveled east, matching up with the elder's assumptions. The clan makes camp and gets ready to head out at first light.

    Lief Anderin - it is your turn! Choose a location to travel to, name that location, and roll 1d6 to see how the travel turns out.
  • Travel to 4, Snowsong Pass, roll of 6.
  • The scribe suggests heading east and the clan rides to the area known as Snowsong Pass. Along the way, they encounter an ally clan - The Whitecrow Clan - who offer trade and a place to rest.

    You barter with the other clan and receive some exotic furs and pleasing perfume rare to the region. The clan gets +1 to the next Diplomacy Challenge. Whiteknife, please roll 1d6 to determine what you find when you reach the location.
  • Checking in. Are we stuck?
  • I think there is a serious design flaw in my interpretation and implementation of Stephen's game. As it's played so far, the player makes a basically unexciting choice, rolls dice, and waits to find out how the GM interprets the roll. No fun for the player. Kinda fun for the GM, but I would much rather this be more interactive. This should probably be a GMless game and on your turn you get to interpret the dice results according to the charts.

  • That could work, yeah. On your turn, you roll the dice and interpret things as you will, and then play passes.
  • I would say the person at the bottom of the initiative order should narrate for the person at the top, so if you just went, you narrate for the next player.
  • That's a cool idea. Maybe I'll work on a pdf write up of this and get feedback, tweak it up, and then try again!
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