The video game company I work for needs programmers...

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Not sure if it this is an appropriate place to post this but I've been part of this community for several years now and since it's probable that there are some people here who already work in or would like to work on games (even of the video variety) I thought I'd post. I work at Rare, which is a Microsoft Game Studio in the UK. I need C++/C# programmers for my team. Let me know if you are interested, and apologies if this was an inappropriate post.


  • Damn! Wish I lived in the UK and had more time to brush up on my C# skills! Rare is good stuff :D
  • Thanks for saying so Zachary. Yeah, it's pretty good fun there. :)
  • Nice! A bunch of my people who lost their jobs at Zipper Interactive might be interested, so I'll pass this along to them.
  • I don't think it's inappropriate; we're all friends here! :-)

    Cool opportunity, tool.
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