[Metatopia] 13th Age

I'll be representing Fire Opal Media at Metatopia, and running numerous 2-hour demos and maybe one or two full 4-hour games. I'm hoping to get some hot, new material from 13 True Ways to playtest, as well.

I owe Vinnie an email stating what I want to set up. I know that Rob Donoghue wanted to get into a game. If you'll be there and want to play, let me know and I'll specifically let Vinnie know to schedule things appropriately.

The standard 2-hour demo is 4-5 2nd level pregens, and each player fills out the "one unique thing" and the backgrounds (skills, sorta), and icon relationships. Basically, I give you the crunch, you give me the creativity.

I was thinking of trying a few different things:

* a game with higher-level characters, maybe 5th, 7th, and 9th level for solid playtesting
* a game where everyone has allegiance to the nastier icons ("evils," sorta)
* a game where we do something odd with the setting on the fly, like all the PCs are transported to a post-apocalyptic NYC

I'm open to suggestions. I want to use the time to understand and showcase what 13th Age can do.
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