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Hi folks!

I'm from Hungary. This summer I've GMed this wonderful little game, Lady Blackbird. I love how it unfolds and you can explore it like a chinese secret box! It was an instant hit in my group and it's name started to spread among my fellow RPG friend too.

We started to translate it to Hungarian. We lack the copious vancian style of the original script but still... :) The translation is nearly full. I tried to get in contact with John Harper through Story Games PMs, but he havent answered yet. If somebody knows his private email adress or something, please share it with me because if there is a chance to use the original fonts and backgrounds for the hungarian version, we've would love to!

I'm gonna GM it again in mid November at a Hungarian con. Does anybody have some experience about DMing LB at a Con? Is 5 hour enough for it? What should I do differently?

(Also, sorry for my English...)

Matyas Hartyandi


  • Summoning @John_Harper to the thread. (I hope I did that right, this little @ thing is really cool)

    My guess is he hasn't had a chance to log on in a couple days, he's around often but based on Twitter seems to be in New York right now so storm stuff may be getting in the way a bit, so just give him a bit of time. He's usually really supportive of fan projects like this, so I'm sure he'll stop around.

    I haven't done it at a con, but from my own experience with the game 5 hours should be more than enough. Always nice to see a hit game like this get a fan translation, good luck on it!
  • Welcome, Matyas. I ran LB in 4 hours flat last night, but I only had 3 players so that helped a lot—I just narrated Snargle and Kale's contributions rather than having them be handled with dice rolls. With 5 hours in a con slot you can probably do it if you push hard and scene frame like crazy.

  • I did it in four hours both as a player and a GM at burning con. Lady B is perfect for a con slot.
  • Five hours is definitely enough, especially if you push the players toward action. If they're sitting around deliberating about which plan to pursue, make things get crazier so they have to act now. One thing I've found I like to do is ask player's what they know/have heard about Uriah Flint near the start of the game. If you're running low on time at the end and really want to get to Flint (you can have a completely satisfying story that never features him), you can grab whichever of the players' theories the characters are closest to at the time and run with it. Also, look at it like a movie and don't be afraid to cut the nonessential footage!
  • Hello! I am currently trapped in New York due to the hurricane. Haven't been online much.

    I love translations. I hope to collect them all on the LB site at some point. Thanks for doing it!

    My email address is on the first page of Lady Blackbird. No one ever notices it. :)
  • Thank you, John! Also, thank for the con tips, everybody!
  • The Polish version is beautiful!

    Polak, Weiger dva bratanki... :)
  • Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki.

    Than you. :)
  • I GMed Lady Blackbird again while we were waiting for the others for our regular campaign. The players were Vance and Arkam and they had to escape and rescue their passangers (Syri & Bishop as NPCs) from the Hand of Sorrow (The NPC Snargle was hiding in the Owl). Just played it for two an hour. It totally worked except the refereshment scenes - too few players I guess. But they were very innovative, throwing crazy situations on themselves, haha! I love your game, John!

    The Hungarian version is nearly 99% ready!
  • We played again with the hungarian version this Friday with three players (Lady, Bishop, Arkham) for two hours. The player of Arkam was insane in a good way, he managed to get them out of the Hand of Sorrow without trouble and stole a smaller fighter airship! Also, I've never seen a Lady as stylish and snobby as this time :)
  • I summon @John_Harper. John, can I get the indd file for the hungarian translation of Lady Blackbird?
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