[ERP] Version 3 for play-testing

I have uploaded a 24-page draft of my Elegant Role-Playing rules that I'll be using for play-testing soon. I have appended a section with draft Conflict Resolution stuff at the end, and edited Sections 1-4 to fit in with them. I'm going to see how they go with some Fantasy adventuring. I'll get some AP up and see if it hangs together.

I guess the motivation behind this was that I found some of the rules and procedures less elegant than they ought to have been. I also was more interested in making the result points lead ino creating fiction, rather than the otehr way around (trying to author fiction and then seeing if we can justify it with the result points). Maybe it's too procedural, I don't knwo yet. I think the principle is strong.

The things I like most at the moment are the dropping of damage modifiers, armour values and all that stuff, in return for weighing up who is favoured in a conflict.

Anyway, any comments welcome.


  • Will these rules allow me to kill Bargle?
  • I guarantee that these rules will allow you to kill Bargle. This is its major selling point over D&D. In fact, these rules guarantee that you can save Aleena too.

    Of course, if Bargle wins the conflict he'll spend his Victory Points on Favouring himself (I seem really friendly and believable, my spell works like a charm!), Disfavouring you (hey, you're new to this adventuring game and easily influenced, you'll put aside your reservations and help an old man out, right? Even one with a beard and a name like Bargle.) then nailing it shut with the old "I magic-missile the chick" Monte.
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