Caper! A Game of Pros and Cons

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Ok, I know this AP is a little bit later than expected (thanks Paul for the prodding,) but in the interim I've had to drive to Jersey to perform a wedding, and I've been sorely hurting for another game session.

The setup: After ransacking the house for an adequate loot bag, our players sat down within close reach of the computer, and each player proceeded to give his pitch. After the vote, it was decided that we were a group of small-time thugs and criminals, looking to make a name for ourselves by robbing a columbian drug-lord.

The gang: Character creation went incredibly smoothly for the first try. We whipped out the names list, shuffled some points and traits, and ended up with a wannabe gangster con man, a tough guy, and a society thief. If it seems like that last character didn't really fit in the group, just wait. That was only the beginning.

The plan: During the planning session, each player describes part of how they pull off the caper, going around the table. Cards are played to make feat checks, and also to represent named NPCs. This went as well as could be expected in our session, except for the player that never really "got" the idea of the hippyness, as it were. I tried my best to lead by example, networking and worming my way into the drug-lord's inner circle, but he spent most of his planning turns pretty much just meandering around. Also, we would have done better to have noticed that the planning phase is three turns per player. Of course, we probably needed those extra few turns to really get in the swing of things.

The score: Each player puts some chips into the bag, getting yet another chance to screw the others, which of course I take advantage of.

The getaway: I reread this section of the book two more times, then we bid using chips to make our getaway. I let the society thief win the first round, and he (having started to grasp narration a little better) narrowly escapes the drug-lord's guards. I easily take the next round of bidding and make sure that myself and the muscle make it safely back to the real hideout with the loot, leaving the thief to take the fall.

The take: We split up the chips in the loot bag, and pat ourselves on the backs for a job not completely f'd up.

All in all, we had a super fun time, and I'll gladly play this again, as soon as I can get a few players back over. I'm not entirely sure we did everything right, but we had fun, so that's a good sign. A nice blend of fiddly bits and hippyness. I'm sure I'll post again whenever the next session does happen, but until then,


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    I've been very VERY remiss in keeping tabs on the boards the past couple of months (I've started a new job that's keeping me busy), so here's a belated thanks for trying out the game and posting an AP report!

    Glad you guys had fun. Please drop me a line if you had any specific questions or any recommendations on areas you think need more detail. I'm hoping to find the time to return to working on Caper again sometime in the new year, so your input would be much appreciated!

    Thanks again! Happy holidays!

    -John O'Brien
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