LOVE LETTER - a charity campaign and design auction

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Hey there, folks.

I've put together a special campaign to raise money for charity, and it's called Love Letter. It's running from this moment until the end of February 14th.

The short version: donate some money to charity, send me a receipt, get a digital present from me in return (it's like a valentine!), and whoever donates the most gets a custom-designed game made just for them (from me! it's like a mega ultra valentine!).

For the long version, you'll want to click the teddy bear and whisk yourself away to his website for a moment -


If you have questions, you can ask 'em here!
If you're stoked on this idea, you can shout praise here too.

I'm nervous and excited.


  • Nice idea, I hope you'll get a lot of takers. I had some questions, but the site answers them. To wit:

    Q: Does the forthcoming LotFP crowdfunding campaign count as charity? The cause is that Jim's going to be printing an adventure module for free distribution on Free RPG Day.
    A: No, it needs to be a registered charity (in the US, I presume). Also can't advocate bigotry or repression of human rights, so LotFP is doubly disqualified.*

    Q: Where can you see how much others have donated so I can top them?
    A: You can't, it's a blind auction with everybody losing what they bid. This is the cruelest auction of all, as euro boardgame fans well know.

    * I'm so funny.
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    I may post an update at some point to declare the current top donation. Otherwise, it'll be a blind auction.

    And pursuant to your asterix: well played, good sir.

    ETA: The charity can be registered anywhere. Just so long as it's a legit charitable organization (and meets the guidelines I outline on the website).
  • Beautiful, Joe. Applause!
  • Right on, Joe!
  • That's a really nice idea.
    (In case anyone's stuck for ideas about charities, Oxfam are also pretty cool. They do Poo Maps. And yesterday? They had this guy hanging out outside the railway station offering people free hugs. It was a good hug. :-) )
  • My wife is in love with you. Me too. Just wanted you to know. So pumped for this :D
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    Thanks for the props, y'all.

    I'd love it if you could help me promote this. Specifically, I'd love it if you shared on Facebook, and in forums that you participate in (, Something Awful, etc, etc).
  • I just wanted to ping this for the Monday crowd. <3
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    So, it's February 10th. Four days left to get in on Love Letter.
    I wanted to give a quick progress report.

    So far eight people have sent in a donation receipt.
    The top donation is currently two hundred dollars.
    So that's the number to beat if you want me to custom-design a game just for you.

    I'm excited about getting to share this gift I've been working on for participants.
  • Ah, you're doing well! Seems like the price of your design is going to fall somewhere between nominal fee and minimum wage. The blind loss-auction surely exerts some downdwards pressure, but maybe not much; it's for charity of one's choice, after all.
  • Just waiting for my receipt... I think it may have gotten lost in servers somewhere. I'll give them a call if I don't get an email tomorrow. Oh well, the point is the donations, in the end, not the contest :-)
  • Only three days left. Time to try a thing.
  • Looks like it's the last night for Charity Love Letter!
  • Oh man, I just noticed the pictures of "Medusa". That's pretty hot. $200 is a rough number to beat, though.
  • Just donated. Nothing like waitin' until the last day.

    If it's the thought that counts, is it the last thought that counts the most?
  • Thanks, Mathalus!

    I think what differentiates the thoughts isn't timing, but follow-through.
    There are currently sixteen people who've donated, and I'm super stoked about that.
  • Crazy! What was the final total raised for charity by this, if you don't mind sharing?
  • Hey Joe, that was a super nice Something Nice. Thank you!
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    Ben, thanks for asking. The total raised was $1325.

    I just updated the site to display the following message:


    Love Letter was a big success. Together, we raised $1325 for charity.

    The donations went to Doctors Without Borders, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Oxfam New Zealand, Oceana, a community radio station, Mind, Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, World Wildlife Fund, and Save The Children.

    The largest donation came in from the generous and totally rad Pat Kemp, who'll be receiving a custom-designed game from myself. Hopefully he'll let me post some snapshots once it's finished!
  • Wow! Congratulations, Joe! What a great success story.
  • Yeah, that's great! Way to go to Joe for organizing this, and everyone who donated for their outstanding generosity!
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