StoryGames Team Fortress 2 - Not On A Friday Night Night - Cancelled

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We will be getting together again for another STORY HYPHEN GAMES DOT COM Team Fortress 2 night (EDIT: SOMETIME, BUT NOT WHEN WE THOUGHT)

Quick Reference Guide:

Password: SandVich81

Wait, I don't know what Team Fortress 2 is or how to play?

The first post in this thread explains everything, including step by step instructions on installing and launching Team Fortress 2.

See you there!


  • PS Here's a image link. Hopefully it works.
  • That link doesn't seem to work. It's just linking me to a new calendar event with the default time and date set to now...
  • Wait, Wednesday? Crap! That's the day I can't make it.

  • Sorry...I can't figure out Google Calendar that well.

    We could look at another night of the week if people don't like Wednesday, I just randomly picked something that wasn't Friday.
  • Google Calendar is a bit confusing. I was thinking of making a Google+ Event instead. That seems to integrate with Google Calendar anyway.

    Also, I wouldn't bother rescheduling just for me. I'm just one dude.

    However, if no one else has signed up yet...
  • I wont be able to make it either. Weekday EST evenings don't work for me as they are day times in NZ, the following day.
  • Yup week nights are no good for me unless I take the following day off 19:30 EST is half past midnight for me...
  • Well, shoot, none of the people who said last time that Fridays were no good are posting.
  • Could be they don't think they need to because it's on a day they can do?
  • I don't know. What do you all think we should do?
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    I dunno. I haven't been spamming this link as far and wide as I did the last one, since I wasn't sure if we were solid on the date or not... That may be a reason why there's less response.
  • I'll cancel it - someone else can pick a new date. :)
  • To bad to see this cancelled. While weekdays generally work better for me I work in shifts and this week was no go. I hope this keeps up and some day I find time to join!
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