Dungeon World gets a mention

edited February 2013 in Story Games
I was listening to the most recent ep of the Scriptnotes Podcast which is done by John August and Craig Maizin, two very successful professional screenwriters (John wrote Big Fish, Go, Charlie's Angels, etc., Craig wrote Hangover 2, Identity Thief, Scary Movie franchise, etc.)

In their "one cool thing" segment at the end of the show, John was extolling the virtues of Dungeon World which a reader/listener had pointed out to him a few weeks back. Not sure if he's played it yet but I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised -- John has mentioned playing D&D when he was younger.

Anyway, the podcast has like 100k listeners so it's nice to see Dungeon World get that kind of positive exposure.

Edit: sorry, here's the link to the ep.


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