Cards in play

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This idea was born from two post about Running games for diverse group and Playcraft
Generally the posts discuss player interaction and problems that occur in play groups.

I'm posting this idea to get some feed back. Maybe this has been done before or is just over the top and not required.

Ok the idea!

Your in play you cant get into a scene or your the quiet type or your at the other end of the table what ever, you want to do something!
Play a card.
To the Gm or to a player? not sure which could be situational.
The card procedure is in play. It stops immersion but I think it could also teach/ help interaction?
The card interrupts play allowing you to possibly play another card. e.g Interrupt card followed by Microscope ( The images are off the web and not mine. The Microscope image is from the great game here.

So you have a discussion and fail to agree. The Jury card could be played if this fails its down to the GM.

Would this idea help groups with issues? could it be used for a period of time until it becomes second nature then removed.

see attached images of a few ideas for cards




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