The Second (Not Even Close To) Annual Noob Friendly Story Hyphen Games Team Fortress 2 Party Night!

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Couldn't fit the date in the title, but I'm trying for Sat, 23 March, 4:00 PM PST!

I created a Google+ event for this, so if you have a Google+ account, you can check that out here:
I find that the events are handy since it automatically does the time zone conversion, checks for conflicts with your Google Calendar (if you use one) and then inserts the event into your schedule if you say you're going.

However, Google+ is NOT required to attend!

What is required is that you would like to have fun playing TF2 and that you install TF2 on your computer and connect to the server at the appointed time. You can find instructions on how to do that here!

The last one was super fun, so I hope that even more people can make it this time. That way even more of us can have a lot of fun!


  • I should be good for this one and it's only 11pm, result :-)
  • I see no reason this would be a problem for me at all. Lookin' forward to it again!
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    Seems legit

  • Engineers ARE awesome dancers. They're also pretty good guitar players.

    Sometimes I just hang around and have an Engineer hoedown!

    If I'm really lucky, Pyro will join in.
  • Awesome!

    Honestly, I found creating that event a little discouraging, since I just invited basically everyone I know and IMMEDIATELY got flooded with notifications informing me that people weren't coming...

    However, we've got 22 people in the yes and maybe camps, so looks like we'll have enough to get some good games going anyway!
  • I forgot to include this valuable piece of strategic advice for new players!

  • Hey, that sounds like fun--oh! I'm already attending! B-)
  • Well, you can attend TWICE if you really want!
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    Turns out I'm terrible at scheduling (this is happening all over at the moment) and I'm going to a gig that night quite a way from home meaning 11pm isn't so great, but I'll try and catch the end of it if we're back in time.

    Annoying as I was looking forward to getting my Spy on (a class I've avoided up to now) in a less charged environment :-)
  • Ifffff I can fix my computer, I do hope to join!
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