What podcasts do you listen to?

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Any favourites amongst you guys?


  • I like Geeknights the most but it's quite diverse in its subjects. The Jennisodes I like a lot for gaming content. I do like the Walking Eye too, and Theory from the Closet but I listen to them rarely.
  • I listen to Roleplaying Public Radio both for their regular podcast and actual plays. It is entertaining.
    I check out Theory from the Closet once in a while and listen if the episode sounds interesting.
    I binge The Walking Eye once they are done with one game.
    The german podcast System Matters is on my list as well, if anyone is interested in that. They discuss theory stuff and sometimes review games.

    For non rp podcasts I listen to Caustic Soda which is edutainment I guess. About gross, uncomfortable and/or interesting topics.
    And finally and my biggest advice to try out for everyone who reads the lovecraftian inspired horror / comedy podcast Welcome to Night Vale. They do local radio programming from a fictional and horrific town. It is glorious.
  • The best RPG podcasts right now are Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff and The Jank Cast. (The Jank Cast is more interested in the kind of games I like and also put out really good AP content, but Ken and Robin have a well-produced show with sharp and erudite conversations).
  • Fear the Boot + The Jank Cast. They provide me with all I need. Oh and of course The Walking Eye if it's a game I am interested in.
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    It hasn't been updated forever, but I always really liked Narrative Control. Episode 70 about mysteries is especially good.

    None of the other podcasts I listen to are really about gaming. I listen to the following:
    The Tolkien Professor
    The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
    The Indoor Kids
    The Nerdist
    The Joe Rogan Experience
    This American Life
    The Moth

  • Radiolab, Narrative Control, Walking Eye and of course, SELF CRITICAL HITS!
  • The Flophouse
  • In my feed now:

    Geeky and Genki, Ruthless Diasthema, Grumpy Celt RPG Reviews (always on 2X), Roll for News (anxiously awaiting the new season), Shark Bone, Jank Cast, 2GMs 1 Mic, All Games Considered, Gamerstable, The Walking Eye, RoleplayDNA, and Canon Puncture Show (more eps coming in April, yo!)
  • Accidental Survivors
    Actual People Actual Play
    All Games Considered
    The History of Rome
    The History of Byzantium
    Hardcore History
    Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff
    Master Plan
    Rolling Intentions
    The RPG Design PanelCast
    That's How we Roll
    Theory from the Closet
    The Walking Eye.

    Well, those are the big ones at least.
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    This American Life.

    edit - Oh, and on occasion WTF with Marc Maron.
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    Game Podcasts
    The Walking Eye
    Actual People Actual Play
    The Gutter Skypes

    Non-Game Podcasts
    Thrilling Adventure Hour
    The Complete Guide to Everything
    The Bugle
    The Dead Author's Podcast
    Decoder Ring Theater
    The Pod F. Tompkast
    International Waters
    Judge John Hodgman
    The Dana Gould Hour
    How Did This Get Made
    Bullseye With Jesse Thorn
    The Nerdist
    Comedy Bang-Bang

    (Wow, just a year ago I listened to nothing but RPG podcasts. I didn't realize how drastically that had changed.)
  • I now listen to the Jank Cast as well.
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