[Grim Portents] Submissions for issue 3, 'The Thaw', close 24 June (and download issue 1 here)

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Submissions for issue 3 close 24 June

Hi folks,

With issue 2 nearing completion, I'm closing written submissions for issue 3 on the 24th of June.

We already have about a half dozen articles submitted. If you'd like to illustrate one of them, please get in touch (your deadline will be later than the 24th).

Theme for Grim Portents issue 3

Since you have all kindly given me a long list of potential themes, and submissions for GP issue 2 are now closed, I thought that I should release the theme for issue 3 so you can start working on your submissions.

Feel free to email me your submission when you're happy with it. At a later date, I'll declare when submissions will close. This might be a while, as it's coming up to university exams.

The theme? 'The Thaw'. I thought it had a nice symmetry with The Dead of Winter.

Of course, you don't have to write to the theme, and you are welcome to submit something that you have already shared/published elsewhere.

My email: sanglorian@gmail.com


Download Grim Portents issue 1

The file is available in two PDFs, one with 72 DPI (5 MB) and one with images at their natural resolution (21 MB). There's also the ODT source file (18 MB). Get them here.

Feel free to distribute the zine however you like: via file-sharing, printing it out, selling it, reading it aloud in public places, whatever. It's under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence, and parts are under the even more liberal Creative Commons Attribution licence.


  • I've updated the OP to reflect that submissions for issue 2 are now closed and submissions for issue 3 are now open.

  • I've updated the OP to reflect that submissions for issue 3 will close on the 24th of June.

  • Also, the links to issue 1 don't seem to work.
  • Thanks for the catch, Johnstone. That'll teach me to change Dropbox folders!
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