Write Dungeon Dilemmas for 5 year olds

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one goblin is using a mechanoid to bully another goblin who is quite little and crying.
More of this, please!


  • A Troll stole all the candy in Candytown - including the King's Candy Crown!
  • A mummy guards an entrance or passageway. It speaks in riddles. You must solve the riddle to discover which item should you give the mummy such that it lets you pass. In a large dungeon, there could be many of these mummies.

    AFAIK this concept originally showed up in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask... I forget which.
  • The Goblin Sorcerer has cursed your mentor so that they can only parrot your words. To finish your training, you have to find someone who can reverse it.
  • A giant steals sheep, squashes pumpkins, and frightens peasants! Somebody must confront the giant in his booby-trapped lair . . .

    . . . it turns out the giant was just lonely and didn't know how to make friends.
  • The hole in the stone floor opens into the ceiling of the temple below. You can get down with a little climbing but you might not be able to get back up. [autobiographical]
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    A giant steals sheep, squashes pumpkins, and frightens peasants! Somebody must confront the giant in his booby-trapped lair . . .

    . . . it turns out the giant was just lonely and didn't know how to make friends.
  • You come across three kobold stooges trying to set a trap for unwitting adventurers. They keep bungling it in increasingly hilarious, slapstick ways, and they're too focused on the task to notice you. What do you do?
  • Orcs have been raiding the townspeople, but never harming anyone. One gets captured and while stuck in the pillory keeps shouting out that "what was taken from us will be taken back!" Nobody knows what ze's talking about, but Ol' Shady Jim sure is lookin' shady, and staying far away from the town square.
  • The hole in the stone floor opens into the ceiling of the temple below. You can get down with a little climbing but you might not be able to get back up. [autobiographical]
    Marshall??!! What were you tempted to explore?

    Oh, my dilemma is the old 'lost in the wilderness / dungeon' scenario, and having to trust a monster (who only wants to be friends) in order to find their way home only to be confronted by frightened /angry townsfolk at the monster's appearance.
  • A wizard casts a spell on your pet, and it grows to ten times its size! What do you do?
  • A monster wizard, unhappy with you attacking her friends, turns you into one of them.
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    A huge, mechanical construct breathes fire out of its grated blast-furnace mouth, lashes out with its spinning buzz-saws on tentacles, raises high its glowing sword in its right hand, throws boulders with its left hand, and shakes the earth whenever it takes a step.

    There's a door in its belly. If you can evade/destroy its weaponry and smash open the door, you can get inside and control it.
  • The room contains a dozen floating, shiny crystals, which fly around shooting lasers beams at you. Each time you hit one with your sword, it shatters into tons of pieces in an epic explosion, which might also destroy the crystal next to it. The leftover shards of the destroyed crystals are beautiful gems.

    When I played pretend at age 5, it was all about the special effects; can ya tell?
  • An evil dragon has eaten some fairies. You must defeat it so they can escape its belly! (Any other sort of animate cage is also cool.)

    I dig @shlo's idea about performance challenges!
    - Out-dance the other adventurers to get an audience with the king
    - Jump over the wall (or acid moat) that surrounds the treasure, which no one else has jumped
    - Yell loud enough to break the glass monster that other people's yells merely crack
    - Sneak unseen into the room that's surrounded by elite guards
    - There's a tree that's blocking the exit! Kick it down!
    - The throng of clawed monkeys will only let you pass if you entertain them. Tell jokes that make them laugh, stories that make them jump, or sing songs that make them cry, and they'll not only let you through, but give you help!
  • * Goblins have stolen chickens from the local village and taken them to their cave. However, after traversing some traps, the PC finds that the goblins children are starving. If any attempt to arrange a food supply is made, evidence shows up that the goblins used to hunt and forage around the surrounding area (for insects and mice - yuck! But goblins love 'em (them and Bear Grylls)) until the village took over their lands for pasture. Who is the invader?

    * A giant beast is rampaging around the outer perimeter of the town, wrecking barns and fences and killing sheep that graze out that way. On encountering the beast, the PC finds it can talk - it has a barb in it that it can't remove but the PC can. However, it informs the PC that it looks forward to removal, because then it'll be strong enough to smash that village that done it wrong so long ago. So, leave the beast in pain? Or kill it - even though it can talk as much as you can? Try and talk it out of smashing the village, knowing that if it lies and you remove the barb and it then it goes on to smash the village - well, that's kind of your fault? Or is it?

    Have to say a few situations in other posts aren't exactly moral dilemmas. The bullied goblin was a moral dilemma in regards to a PC who loves killing goblins - when a goblin is bullied, what are you if you kill the goblin?
  • Don't all need to be *moral* dilemmas - just problems that a 5 year old can grok without immediately getting frustrated and falling back to violence.
  • I think another fun type of situation (or potential dilemma) is one that appears in a whole lot of children's literature:

    The parents/adults have screwed something, or have disappeared, gone away, been kidnapped, etc -- and now it's up to the children (or the child) to step into an unfamiliar role of responsibility and confront the problem.

    Especially if it involves negotiating with other adults on even ground, or maybe proving they were stupid or conservative. Children love this kind of fantasy play, usually: a lot of people I know loved gaming precisely for an opportunity to be important and to make important decisions in a way they couldn't in normal life. (Those people sometimes lost all interest in gaming when they became adults in real life!)

    John Harper's Wildlings has a very simple version of this situation built in.
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    My oldest loved My Father's Dragon around 5 if memory serves, and it has a great fairy tale/adventure game trope where the kid-hero has a backpack whose contents are listed at the beginning, and each of them solves some situation later in the story. This being a RPG rather than an adventure game, of course, you don't have to have these solutions planned ahead of time; just the hint (maybe delivered by a NPC) that this will be the case will let kids feel clever when they are like "aha! this crazy thing I just thought of to do with bubble gum is what it was there for all along!"
  • Can't you take inspiration from the Grimms' Fairy Tales?
  • There's a hole here. You can't see the bottom.
  • You can have her use dice, if those are color-coded or have pictures.
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    The bridge over the lava-chasm is rotten. You can walk over it but carrying the heavy treasure with you back will be a problem.

    A door moves its keyhole when you try to unlock it. It only wants taste sweet things. Dipping the key in honey will do the trick.

    A mysterious stranger wants them to find his/her diary that is lost in the dungeon. If they read the diary they see that it belongs to a warrior of great evil.
  • A variation on the Fox, Goose, Grain riddle:

    You have a baby dragon, a goblin, and a sack of gold. You have to cross a stream, but you only have one small boat. You can only carry one thing at a time, and you can't leave the dragon alone with the goblin, or the goblin alone with the gold. How do you get them all across safely?
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