Bacchanalia in the UK

Bacchanalia is an Italian game based on Paul Czege's Bacchanal and adapted into a card game by Michele Gelli. I wanted a copy but could only find Meguey Baker selling it in the US. Because buying it from Narrattiva directly involved paying a fixed postage cost, I decided to buy six copies and try to flog the rest.


It's a pretty straight up translation of the original dice game. I haven't played it properly yet but I have done several dry runs to see how it fits together and was impressed with the mechanics. The English rules have the odd quirk but are clear enough.

If you live in the UK and would like a copy, I'd be happy to sell you a copy for £15 plus postage, which is pretty much what I paid. If you live in London, I'd be happy to meet up and sell it in person - and I should have a copy or two on me at the next few London RPG Meetups. Failing that, I'll also be at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham next month - whisper me if you're interested in a copy.


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