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Ill-Met in Waterdeep

Dear Prime Newb Whose Home is still Digesting in Dis' Guts,

Welcome to Dis.

You have what you could carry from your home and need to find some scratch so that you don't have to sleep out under the alien stars.

Sure, this isn't your first rodeo and you had plenty of adventures back at home but now you are in Dis. The trappings are familiar but the context is entirely new. Now you are all small fish in an ever-expanding pond that is constantly devouring other ponds.

Someone among you took the lead in getting you to Dis alive. Have that one roll +Int.

On a 10+, you either got out with a really amazing artifact or know someone in Dis who can help you settle in a bit.

On a 7-9, you have some remnant of your old world that isn't immediately useful but you could sell it for 3d6 silver if you don't mind it becoming a curio in a local parish's shop window.

On a miss, trouble from the old world has followed you here.

There is a place for rent here in the Vecna Parish that has something that reminds you of the City of Splendors. Sure, all of the architecture seems to be littered with eyes and hands but something about this joint feels like home, dammit. Explain to the GM why you want to rent that place so badly. The owner, a one-eyed recovering wizard (recovering?), likes the idea of renting to new refugees, as it reminds him of when he first got here, fresh from Greyhawk City.

Chunks of your world are still floating on the top of the stew that is Dis. When your GM rolls on the job table, he will insert an element of the Forgotten Realms as either the Patron, Target or Job Type. The GM could describe a job and ask you what about that job is actually a piece of the Realms and how your character recognizes it.

The one-eyed former death cult wizard will hold the space for you for a few days while you do some honest or dishonest freebooting.

Hugs & Kisses,

Your GM


  • Dear Wardens,

    Your last mission from the Sultana just finished. Roll on the Finding Work table to know the particulars.

    Now decide who was in charge among you, the one who will report back to the Sultana. Roll +Int to see how things went, on a 10+ you did what the Sultana wanted and even grabbed something to sweeten the pot. Maybe that is something to present to the Sultana in order to gain suction with her or maybe it is a little somethin' somethin' you are keeping for yourselves. On a 7-9, you did the job but there is a wrinkle, something went wrong, the MC will tell you what.

    On a miss, you are going to the Sultana hat in hand. Do you take responsibility or do you throw another Warden under the carriage wheels?

    The Sultana will present more missions that need doing and possibly follow-up work if the past mission left any dangling threads that she needs trimmed.

    Good luck!

    Hugs & Kisses,

    Your GM
  • You Who Have Lost Everything,

    You already know how you woke up this morning to the wrack and ruin of all your loves and dreams. The future you wrote for yourself - as lord of a shining castle in the free mountains, lady of a noble mage's college in the bustling city, rogue captain of your merry band wandering the scented wilderness - is gone, and replaced with the smoking pits and oily fetid pools that stretch to the horizon beyond the mechanical creaking of a waking god. Dis, unwelcome Lord of claustrophobia and scarcity and smoke has wrapped and choked your free lands in pipes, sewers, and creaking tenements as first light cracked the egg of night.

    You must make a new future for yourselves, fitting into the orgiastic misery of the swelling billions that call Dis their home. Everyone here is a refugee making themselves anew and forgetting the heavy past.

    For each of you, roll+WIS:

    On a 10+, you are relatively easy of heart and quickly leave behind your old stories, accepted into the fold of some new guild or society. Only on rare occasions do you fall into the abyss of a drunken or drugged binge.

    On a 7-9, you can mimic the empty grin of the urban masses, fitting in, but you acquire one of these:

    -Nightmares of your pillaged home and lost loves
    -A nervous habit - twitching eye, alcohol, drugs, compulsive behavior of one kind or another.

    On a miss, you are consumed with sorrow. Everyone around you knows you for a refugee, fresh meat, and you are the constant target of predation.
  • Dear Noble Knights, Stoic Ladies and Peasants,

    Welcome to Dis, the city that devoured your precious Camelot and made Mordred one of the Sultana's Wardens.

    If you are a Knight of the Round Table or a noble lady of the court, the Sultana extends the offer to be a Warden to you too. If not, you are beneath her notice.

    When you try to settle down in Dis, roll +Int.

    On a 10+, your manor or hovel was eaten by Dis and now is in Mordred's Parish. Your keys still work and you either have ownership papers or you have the same landlord, though rental agreements will be quite different.

    On a 7-9, your manor or hovel was eaten by Dis but is not in Mordred's Parish; it is in a neighboring Parish, stuck between a church of an alien deity and a pub whose drinks are poisonous to you. You can claim residency but there is a price to be paid and the only jobs hiring are freebooter gigs whose dedication to chivalry is dubious.

    On a miss, your home is gone. Welcome to Dis. The freebooter scum are always looking for bodies in need of work.

    Hugs & Kisses,

    The GM
  • Dear Elves,

    You are the last of your kind, driven from the stars and celestial spheres by the twin forces of the ever-expanding city of Dis and the encrouching Outer Darkness that unmakes all. You have chosen the lesser of two evils: urbanization over annihilation. Many of your kin made a different choice and you carry songs about them on your lips and in your heart, but yet are slowly beginning to forget their faces.

    Have the most street-savvy of your party roll+CHA to see how your entry goes:

    On a 10+, you make your way into a squalid refugee camp at the base of the Apocalypse Tower and are quickly lost amidst the throngs of other lonely souls. Beneath your cloaks and buried amidst the rubble you have stashed the glories of your homeland, hidden from view.

    On a 7-9, someone with ulterior motives takes a special interest in your case and offers you some extra rooms in their dingy basement or dead relative's decaying property in an unfortunate part of town. Whether you take them up on it or not, there will be consequences.

    On a 6-, word spreads throughout the underworld that there are elves (no really, ELVES!!!) in Dis, though the details about your situation are vague or distorted. People are looking for you; good luck.

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Your GM
  • Dear Ring-Bearer,

    Once the Ring of Power was destroyed, magic fled from your world and the powers that held off Dis' hunger could deny the Sultana no longer.

    Your ship to paradise washed up in pieces in one of Dis' harbors.

    You can feel the pull of arcane powers that awaken longings you had hoped had died in the fires under Mordor.

    Roll + Con, on a 10+, you feel the pull but manage to avoid becoming an addict to some something precious to you.

    On a 7-9, you pawn everything you own for a ring whose power will soon run out. Will you go somewhere for help or get a job and try to afford another hit of the precious.

    On a miss, you wake up in a gutter, in debt to a dark power who can craft rings. It demands you get a job to pay for your habit.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Your GM
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    Dear Sucka MCs,

    Hip-hop is introduced to Dis 1,500 years in the future when it consumes Wyrd is Bond. You, however, have decided you can't wait that long. As members of the gifted-but-inexperienced crew, An Immortal Ruckus [or insert your crew's name here], you got tired of being straight-up destroyed by ever mediocre MC in the year 4268 of the Sultana's reign, so you've magically time-traveled 3,000 years in the past to "invent" hip-hop and become the undisputed Lordz of Dis.

    Have your best MC roll+CHA to see how this has gone so far:

    On a 10+, you have successfully cultivated a small but vibrant scene. Sure, the music isn't quite what you had in mind, since it's often a couple of fiddle players doing ragtime in the background while one of you beats out a rhythm on a cast-iron kettle, and your crowds are mostly ratmen and spiderfolk so far, but it's a start, right? And this one spider, who calls herself The Most Loquacious Widow, would honestly be quite sick on the mic, if there were actual mics, and if you could prevent her from stopping to feed on audience members in the middle of her set.

    On a 7-9, there's not a scene exactly, but it hasn't been a complete catastrophe. You've gotten a regular gig at a small, slime-covered bar near the old river and there's a crowd of folks who you suspect are necromancers and diabolists who show up every Sultanasday to hear you spit. Afterwards, they come up and converse with you about "where the rhymes come from" and their connection with the dark arts, which is cool but also a bit creepy. Let me know if you've hooked up with any of the more attractive sorcerers yet.

    On a 6-, come on, you think you were the only crew who'd thought of this idea? There's a well-established cross-temporal guild known as the Elemental Guardians who make it their business to protect the "proper" (that is to say, temporally linear) development of hip-hop in the known planes. History and context, they claim, matter a lot in preserving the authenticity of the medium and its natural spread. While you appreciate their theoretical position, it's hard to have a conversation when they're hunting your asses down. Can you escape, or defeat them in an epic, magical rap battle across time, space, and the 63 boroughs of Dis?

    Hugs and kisses,
    Your GM
  • Dear Heresarch Walton of the Darkest Heart,

    You are melting my brains for reals.

    My jar runneth over, but it's got a lid.

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    Dear survivors,

    So you think you're hot shit, since you came from that desert world where magic sucks life out of the land, draconic sorcerer-kings rule the few paltry scraps of civilization with iron claws, and everyone is a hard-as-nails badass, huh? Well, yeah. You are, a little, even by Dis's standards. But Dis presents an entirely different set of dangers than the dangers of the desert, and even if you figure out how to adapt to them, they'll wear you down just as surely as sand and wind wear down hardest stone. Ha ha, you like what I did there?

    Also, hey, isn't everyone from that world fucking psychic or something? Each of you (who isn't already playing some cheesy homebrewed 'psychic' class) roll+INT.

    On a 10+, tell the GM what psychic wild talent you have, the GM will tell you the price of using it.
    On a 7-9, the GM will tell you what psychic wild talent you have, tell them what the price of using it is.
    On a miss, the GM will give you all the details, and don't assume your power is entirely under your control.

    Hope that helps you out some!

    Hugs and kisses,
    Your GM.
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    Dear Heroic Rocket Rangers,

    You've managed to elude the patrols and finally crashland in the capital of the dimension that is attacking your home universe. The ship took a lot of damage on the way in, so you'll need to find a way to repair it once you've succeeded in your last-ditch mission to save the world. The city seems to extend forever, but the science officer found traces of various trans-planar and gateway technologies down there. There must be way back home, and places to get the parts you need.

    Have the communications officer roll +Wis to establish what you've worked out.

    On a 10+, you've managed to come to a cordial arrangement with a loose coalition of aliens. They'll help you out, and you'll help them out in turn. They say their objective is to reclaim their world and create a mystical buttress to keep Dis from attacking again. On the downside, one of your old enemies is also involved in this coalition. Who is it, and how did your last encounter end?

    On a 7-9, you've managed to come up with a cover and blend in, staying at what passes for a hotel here. "Pilgrims from a distant parish" seems to cover any faux pas or searching question! Investigating in disguise, you have established that the ruler of this evil empire is the Sultana, and that her secret police - the Road Wardens - will be your primary enemies. Now you just need to find a way into her palace...

    On a 6-, you have no idea what's going on. A tough group of slavers nabbed you while you were all still recovering from the landing. Now you're in cells, unarmed, and a big thing just told you "You're on in five minutes, outlander, up against a pied Bel-Shorr. Hahahaha! Good luck, worm, you'll need it!"

    Love and kisses
    Your GM
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    Dear Spelljamming Scum,

    You've crash-landed into the Maw Bay and you are a short swim away from Dis. Welcome to the Hungry City.

    Roll 10+ Int and choose 3.

    Roll 7-9, choose 1.

    _ Your ship is damaged but can be repaired.

    _ Your ship needs fuel (life, arcane energy or something more obscure) or a wizard to sit on the helm but you can get it to the docks without it sinking into Maw Bay's murky waters.

    _ Your crew isn't about to mutiny.

    _ Your cargo is not damaged.

    _ The Neogi slave-ship you were exchanging ballista bolts with isn't right behind you in hot pursuit. You seem to have lost it for now.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Your GM
  • Why is this move using hold? How would you present this in actual play? Would you bring up each possible complication one at a time, and ask the player to choose whether to spend the hold?
  • I think Judd means "Choose 3" etc.
  • I meant, hold.

    I'll edit it. Thanks, good catch.
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    This is the worst trip I've ever been on.

    To His Holiness,
    Pope Alexander VI, lately of the 8th Circle:

    Caligula's plan worked, against all expectation, and you've led a host of the damned from the fire and pitch of the Malebolge to the noisome streets of an impossible city. Mussolini went on ahead to scout the way, but he hasn't come back and you must make your move.

    Roll + Wis to discover what fresh despair you have discovered:

    On 10+, it seems that Dis, too, has a special place for Borgias, and you now rule a miserable ghetto populated by pimps and killers. A masked messenger just arrived, inviting you to tea with the Sultana.

    On 7-9, that bastardo Mussolini got there first and rules the parish, leaving you to share a room with the other Popes. Time to get a job.

    On a miss, all the devils are here and Dis is just another name for Hell, but you still need a job.

    With eternal affection,
    Your GM
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