[MonsterHearts] Monsters of the University of Victoria

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Hi all, I'll be cross-posting this to a couple of forum boards in case you think you're seeing double you are. ;-)

I'm playing in a game of MonsterHearts with three other people. Our EmCee Aa, and players D and Am.

Am is using the Selkie PlayBook for her character Lorelei. A student of anthropology at the university. She shares a dorm apartment with Spencer, my character.
D is using the Ghoul PlayBook for his character Morgan. A student who is present undeclared at the university. I do not think we've ever even been to his home... Interesting, maybe he lives in the morgue?
I'm using the Ghost PlayBook for my character Spencer. Also a student of anthropology. Spencer committed suicide when the uni first opened in the '60's and has been haunting and attending classes ever since.

A few notable NPCs who will be mentioned in these APs are.

Molly Ng is a psychology student whose most notable appearance trait are her Shirley Temple ringlets of hair. Spencer HATES her because she reminds him of Grace, his ex-girlfriend from when he was alive. Grace broke up with Spencer right before Spencer committed suicide which drove Grace and her boyfriend to follow suit.

Victor is another student who is attracted to Lorelei and has stolen her pelt which he can use to blackmail Lore into doing things for him.

Stephanie is a member of Lorelei's swim team. The two women are at best fr-enemies but their competition dives into the realm of very unhealthy.

There are quite a few other (non-player) characters but they will appear as the game progresses and we're reminded about them.

Session One - These notes are written by Lorelei's character so it is coloured by Lore's perception. ;-)

~ Morgan scared the crap out of some boy, sating himself for a while
~ He meets up with Spencer, offering him a ride to his class. This doesn't go so well, and Morgan smashes into a tree, and flips his car up on its side. Oops. To the Police Station! ~end scene~

~ Cut to Lorelei going for a swim in the ocean, being followed by Stephanie...
~ After figuring out that it's her swimming rival, Lorelei takes her down a peg, getting her swimsuit ripped in the process. Stephanie's going to lose. Neener neener neener.
~ coffee, and back to the dorm! ~end scene~

~ Cut to the police station, where Spencer is looking severely ticked off, and Morgan just can't seem to give a shit.
~ They are let off the hook, and now it's time for study group, stopping for brief food and coffee, first.

~ Cut to the dorm, where Victor knocks on the door, all meek and adorable.
~ "Is there study group tonight? Okay, I'll bring you a coffee!"
~ And he disappears leaving Lorie all amused and confused
~ There is a squabble outside. It would seem that Molly and Spence have had some kind of coffee altercation.
~ Victor comes back with coffees for all, wide-eyed and bushy tailed.
~ study group begins, a glass in the kitchen is dropped by Spence, and Lorie decides that Spence is hot. They horse around in the bathroom together. Victor is Not Happy.
~ Victor decides that there IS a way to get into Lorie's pants, so he asks Morgan for help
~ Lorie comes out of the shower into a strange display of testosterone... her magic mind powers tell her what's going on. Now she's tired.
~ Curls-A-Plenty shows up and makes Spence upset. She pisses him off MORE by spilling nail polish all over the floor. Oops. Morgan impresses Lorie. She's captivated. Lorie realizes studying isn't happening, and that everyone needs to blow off some steam.
~Poker is happening at the frat house... drinks are on order... everyone except Morgan heads over.

~ Morgan sticks around and makes his booze-call
~ Booze-girl shows up and acts really weird, they start walking over to the frat house
~ Morgan goes all DS crazy and scares the crap out of booze-girl. She is unconscious in an alley.

~ Poker happens and then scary Morgan arrives, going after the Prof. Lorie expertly gets rid of EVERYONE IN THE ROOM except for Morgan and Spence. Though, Spence falls through the floor and has some weird memory moments. This is not his best day.

~ Morgan dies, and comes back, they all head home.
~ Meet booze-girl who is starting to wake up. Lorie convinces her that she never even had her underwear, and she's fine and should just go home
~ Lorie is pent up, stressed out and overwhelmed. So she takes out her feelings on Morgan. They have sex.

~roll credits~


  • Session Two
    ~ as the opening credits finish up we cut to Lore looking obviously disgusted with herself. she goes for a swim in the ocean, and feels a little better, but still horrified by last night's... temporary insanity
    ~ she goes to the kitchen to find coffee, only find that everything has been rearranged, swearing she heads to the Murky Bean (or whatever we called it)
    ~ As she goes, she is confronted with a crime scene, and the Abyss tells her that Stephanie was chased down, and that she should try to kill Victor by strangulation. Fancy.
    ~ Stephanie is dead.
    ~ there is a grumpy encounter with Spence, aka: Nosey McGee.
    ~ Molly shows up and makes everything hilarious for Lore, eventually dragging Spencer off to have a Private Chat
    ~ They talk about murders, and Molly tries to seduce him with her fear of being attacked
    ~ Morgan shows up and Molly takes off in terror. Morgan has a giggle
    ~ Morgan wants to know where Lore is (what a surprise!) and,
    ~ Spence tells Morgan about the murder, and the everything else, and how he is a creepy creeper.
    ~ They have an awkward talk about the birds and bees
    ~ Lore starts heading to class and has a rather uncomfortable and upsetting chat with Officer SquareJaw
    ~ Spence catches up to her and rips her to shreds for wanting to keep her private life private
    ~ Class is boring for Spence and Lore
    ~ Class is less boring for Morgan, because of how Dr. Stephens is also a creepy creeper
    ~ Lore tries to bolt out of class and fails miserably, there is almost a fight, but
    ~ Victor shows up all happy to see them, but then Spence's physical form flickers, putting both Lore and Victor on the floor.
    ~ Victor has trouble with this information, Lore fails to convince him it didn't happen
    ~ Lore starts to head home and walk in on an altercation between Morgan and Spence
    ~ Lore goes all DS and hypnotizes Dr. Stephens, making him go all batshit-crazy-teacher on Molly's ass.
    ~ There is chaos.... Lore doesn't care. She's got an agenda and it's called Wrecking People's Shit.
    ~ Meanwhile, back at the school, Spence and Morgan try to rescue Molly. Spence is thrown back through the wall, triggering his DS, this can't end well...
    ~ He ruins Molly, nearly killing her, while Dr. Stephens the lizard-man jumps the fuck out the window, but he gets distracted by his stuff getting ruined by a Very Angry Mermaid, he runs to rescue his books and throws all of them at her. She falls down, gazes into the abyss, and is reminded of home. Now she's okay!
    ~ Morgan goes after him, landing him on a cop
    ~ the cop doesn't like Morgan, so he kills him (a reasonable reaction), and both the ghost and the ghoul fall unconscious for a while.
    ~ Things get complicated at the morgue for pretty much everyone, except Lore who is at home, sweeping up her shame.
    ~ After Spence is ejected from Morgan's body (WTF now?), they convince a terrified Dr. that she should simply sew him up and they'll be on their way.
    ~ she does, because, what else are ya gonna do... and the two of them head towards the house
    ~ As they approach the house Lorelei is visited by an angry Lizard-Stephens who she convinces to leave her alone for eternity he slinks off, and Morgan goes after him like a dog after a squirrel
    ~ Spence goes in the house, and Lorelei is sorry and they have a happy moment of cleaning up and drinking coffee together
    ~ Meanwhile, Morgan is angry about a snake-thing taking half of his arm of, and beats the living shit out of it (with said half-arm) until it is a bloody green pulp. Oh, also, his DS is triggered. Fun times.
    ~ He goes to find his delicious lady-feast and shows up all bloody and half-armed
    ~ Spence and Lorelei feel a little uncomfortable about this whole situation, so Lorelei bolts up the stairs to hide in the bathroom
    ~ Spence tries to manly-man Morgan into getting his arm sewn up, but his form flickers and that doesn't go so well
    ~ Morgan tries the bathroom door, calling to Lorelei that she should let him in (Because that's a good idea)
    ~ Lorelei has no desire to comply, and instead hides in the bathtub, all-fetal positioned, calling desperately for something comforting
    ~ Morgan breaks down the door and Lorelei screams.
    ~ things get REALLY creepy until the ghost saves the day with a toilet-cover to the ghoul's head. Unconsciousness Achieved!
    ~ Victor shows up with Lorelei's pelt, she bolts for it, takes it from him and locks herself in her bedroom, snuggling it until she feels better about things. It's her turn to have a bad day.
    ~ There is much talking downstairs. Victor is traumatized by Ghouly-the-half-armed, but seems to be persuadable by the right amount of gin
    ~ a gin-soused Victor talks to Officer Square-Jaw and Lorelei believes this will go badly for everyone
    ~ she tries to be brave and convinces the good policeman to leave Victor be before he says something stupid, and go upstairs with her
    ~It seems the cop is not a nice man after all and she tries to convince him to stop being uber-creepy with his belt.
    ~ This ends badly. She kicks him in the face, he smacks her across the jaw with his belt buckle.. harm is dealt, he is angry and tazes Lorelei into unconsciousness
    ~ He decides to do the really classy thing, remove her clothing.
    ~ while all of this is going on, Spence and Not-Morgan are having a chat about their past, Not-Morgan is distracted, and eventually gets the upper hand on Spence, making his way upstairs, he catches the cop disrobing his precious feast
    ~ Lorelei starts to wake up, full of headachy goodness and fear
    ~ the cop is scared by Morgan, Lorelei is too... she bolts for the door and runs to the ocean, Morgan eyes the fancy locked-chest in Lorelei's room, only to be knocked out and dragged back to the utility closet.
    ~Roll Credits~
  • You mean like UVic?
  • Yep, that is where we've set our game. We chose a Canadian school cause we're all Canucks. Plus we are too far away from B.C. to know it very well which lets us do our own thing. :)
  • AH I did my undergrad there.

  • And? Was it just like in the game?
  • Did you meet Spencer, the resident ghost of UVic? :)
  • Pretty much.

    I can actually answer any questions you have about the campus, its layout, or the culture, climate and geography of UVic and Victoria if you want. Otherwise, I won't spoil your game with dull doses of reality.
  • We have our season ender this weekend. Will Morgan die yet again? Will we all fall to our darkest selves... again? Will Molly actually find friends that treat her with respect and dignity? I expect a yes to all of these questions excluding the last one. :-)
  • I can't wait to see what happens!! Pheylorn=Excited!
  • Last session we had our season ending session. Was a lot of fun. Sunday we start up season two and with my Ghoul's last advance I decided to take the Season Advance of rewriting my darkest self. He has died and come back at least once a session and each time he does he seems to be bringing back the consciousness of people from the other side who are taking up residence in his noggin.

    So here's what I came up with;

    All the spirits that have come back from the grave with you are too much to handle and sometimes one of them takes the driver's seat. Tell the MC who they are and ask the MC what task they want you to perform, this is now your one and only Hunger and you will stop at nothing to see it fed. You escape your darkest self when you complete the task or find a way to shut them up!
  • Pheylorn and I have been awful and updating this thread but our Monsterhearts series came to an end last night.

    Lorelei the selkie turned hollow has been courted by a vampire "big-bad" named Cassius. Last night was their big date to confirm what Lore's $86,000/year job would entail. Lore had the intention of doing pretty much whatever Cassius told her because she just didn't care anymore.

    Spencer/Jonathan the ghost turned werewolf (through a possession gone horribly wrong during the last season ender) was helping his new brother Ben at the coffee bar that Ben and Lore tended. Spence was also trying to come to terms with what his and Lore's relationship had become because they had recently consummated and he was a rather old-fashioned fellow. The long and the short of it meant that Spence really didn't understand much about psychology at all. Silly, short-sighted boy. None of this was resolved though because Stephanie, the vampire rang him up to ask where Lore was as she sensed Lore was in danger.

    Stephanie the vampire was the replacement character for Morgan the ghoul who had left town after everyone rejected his ghost-demon baby as evil and that it must die. Stephanie was the spawn of Cassius and rather frightened of that old monster. She felt it important to keep tabs on him through the Abyss. Her visions showed her a restaurant, a body and blood, and being bitten.

    After a time of figuring out where this restaurant was and of Lorelei and Cassius flirting Stephanie showed that not only was she afraid of Cassius but she had some latent Daddy Issues with him as she outright killed and drained the waitress to get Cassius' attention. Lorelei in the darkest self of her hollow nature is also covered in blood and just does not care. She fires snide remarks at Stephanie which are then overheard by Spencer who also enters restaurant by noticing the crowd of former customers fleeing that scene.

    Insults and threats are thrown around. Everyone is injured in some way (Conditions and Harm flow freely) and Cassius takes his leave. The three characters leave the restaurant together and return to the rooming house where there is adult content. While Spencer washes up Stephanie drains Lorelie dead, Spencer revenges himself upon Stephanie but both are caught in a shotgun blast by the cop-turned-hunter Officer Patel and die.

    Patel's last word as the scene closes, "Woof."

    This closes the book on our Monsterhearts campaign and while tragic for us players was an ending where the good guys (Officer Patel was a good cop with a lot of shit on his plate) won. I will miss exploring the lives of our broken monsters but look forward to see what we will play next.

    Thank you for reading and have an excellent day.
  • And with that, I need to take a solid break from MH. It's leaving me emotionally drained. In a really good way, mind, but I think we need to take a simple "blowing off zombie heads" break, or something. Don't worry, we'll be back to heavy drama soon enough <3<
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